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We are at the midpoint of the season and after 8 weeks of rolling out Bagels, I am Plus 8 for the season.  I'm still surfing a bit under .500 on the Sunday games.  The strength of my Picks of the Week are what keeps me in the positive zone.  I remain perfect for the season on the SHMEAR of the WEEK at 7-0 (I value those games at 3 Bagels apiece).  Let's get started on Week Nine's Picks:

The WEEK 9 Bagel Roll-Out:
(Saturday's NYDN Line)

Jets -4 (LIONS)
Look for the Jets to bounce back after loss to Green Bay.  I'm sure REX used many curse words this week.
Loss 23-20 Jets

Giants -7 (SEAHAWKS)
This game would appear to be a Giant lock.  That's the scary part.
Win 41-7 Giants

BILLS +3 (Bears) *Toronto, Canada
The Bears are falling apart like wet toilet paper.  The Bills have to win one game.  Why not now?
Push 22-19 Bears

Chargers -3 (TEXANS)
Texans give up too many points and San Diego/Rivers will gladly oblige.
Win 29-23 Chargers

PANTHERS +6 1/2 (Saints)
Apparently New Orleans isn't over their Super Bowl hangover; Too inconsistent.  Fox's guys will play up.
Loss 34-3 Saints

Cardinals +8 (VIKINGS)
Vikings are slipping, I like the Cards to cover; not much else.
Win 27-24 Vikings

Bucs +8 1/2 (FALCONS)
I believe the Falcons will win but I think the Bucs cover the points.
Win 27-21 Falcons

RAVENS -5 (Dolphins)
I don't like any team coming off the BYE, but the Ravens are just flat out better than Miami.
Win 26-10 Ravens

Patriots -4 (BROWNS)
I wouldn't let Mangini mail a letter for me.  How does he still have a job?  Patriots Big!
Loss 34-14 Browns!

Raiders +1 (CHIEFS)
The Black and Silver is hot and putting up a lot of points.  Chiefs will look ordinary tomorrow.
Win 23-20 Raiders

Colts +3 (EAGLES)
This game makes no sense to me.  Eagles can't pick between Vick or Kolb and are favored?  Uh...No.
Win 26-24 Eagles

PACKERS -7 1/2 (Cowboys)
The Cowboys have folded like a cheap tent.  They'll be lost in Green Bay this week without a map again.
Win 45-7 Packers

12 Bagels into the oven.

SHMEAR of the WEEK:  (7-0 season)
Jets -4 (LIONS)

Shmear of the Week = 1st loss of season.  Jets failed to cover.  Now 7-1 for the season.
Sunday Roll-Out = 8-3-1   MY BEST WEEK.

I started today +8; add another 8 for +16 Bagels.  Subtract my loss on the Shmear (-3)...
I leave WEEK NINE +13 Bagels!   Woo-Hoo.

NYG ~ Giants Can't Ask For Better Than This:

Everything is set up perfectly for the Giants to come away from Seattle big winners tomorrow.

The mission of this week is "SEIZE THE MOMENT"!

Seattle can't run the ball.  They are last in the NFL.  Matt Hasselbeck QB SEA, will miss the game.  The Seahawk back-up Chuck Whitehurst has never thrown an NFL pass before.  The Seattle Offensive Line is compromised.

I can not see the Giants losing this game.  Nothing about this match-up sells me on a Seattle victory.  The only way the Giants lose this game is by turning the ball over 10 times and amassing 1000 yards in penalties.

None of my opinions going into this game have changed during the week.  I posted twice during the week expressing my concerns for the Giants and Week 9.  You can read the Early Peek here, and you can take a look at my Closer Look here.

I am expecting Osi, Justin Tuck and Barry Cofield to have a big game up front while Kenny Phillips and the rest of the Defense have a dominant afternoon.  On the Offensive side of the ball, I fully expect Coach Gilbride to drive me up a freakin' wall with his play calling.  I'd like Coach Gilbride to make extensive use of Kevin Boss and every week, I want to get Brandon Jacobs more carries.  I'm just being consistent because I think he'll be a major factor in late December. 

Injuries:  Center Shaun O'Hara will not play and Mathias Kiwanuka is out for the year.

Enjoy Football Sunday Everyone!

Seattle Seahawks         7

Detroit Lions          20


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