Saturday, November 27, 2010

PIGSKIN ~ WEEK 12 ~ Big Blue Needs To Play Like GIANTS!

My Thanksgiving Day picks didn't go too well.  I went 1-2 and that leaves me +22 for the season.

The WEEK 12 Bagel Roll-Out:
(Saturday's NYDN Line)

Jaguars +7 (GIANTS)
The Giants have too many injuries to overcome.  This game might come down to a last minute field goal.  In any case take the points.  (See more below in the Giants game).
WIN ~ 24-20 Giants

REDSKINS -1 (Vikings)
When it rains it pours.  The Vikings are in a state of chaos.
LOSS ~ 17-13 Vikings

Steelers -6 1/2 (BILLS)
I don't care how many points Buffalo has been scoring.  The Steeler defense won't let the Bills get within 7 points.
LOSS ~ 19-16 Steelers  o.t.

Titans +6 1/2 (TEXANS)
Vince Young went mentally limp again and is now out for the season with a hand injury.  That makes this game tough to call.  But then I remembered how many points the Texans are giving up with the 5th or 6th worse defense in Football.
LOSS ~ 20-0 Texans

BROWNS -10 (Panthers)
I haven't gotten a Browns game right all year.  The Panthers are pitiful on offense and have all but quit on themselves.  Only turnovers can keep the Panthers within 10 points.
LOSS ~ 24-23 Browns

Bucs +8 (RAVENS)
This isn't the Ravens defense from 10 years ago.  I think The Ravens win but the Bucs will stay in the game and within the spread.  Heck, they might even win this game.
WIN ~ 17-10 Ravens

Eagles -3 1/2 (BEARS)
If Vegas doesn't like the Bears at home, then neither do I.  I never had much respect for the Bears this season anyway.
LOSS ~ 31-26 Bears

FALCONS -2 (Packers)
I like the Falcons at home.  I think the Falcons have had a harder time playing their division than the Packers have had in theirs.  That should be good enough for a 3 point win at home.
WIN ~ 20-17 Falcons

RAIDERS -3 (Dolphins)
After getting blown-out by PITT last week, it's time to get right back on the Raiders' wagon.  I'll take it a step further...I like the Raiders BIG.
LOSS ~ 33-17 Dolphins

Chiefs -1 1/2 (SEAHAWKS)
I haven't given the Chiefs much respect.  Versus the's time I did.
WIN ~ 42-24 Chiefs

Rams +4 (BRONCOS)
This game is a field goal but Broncos win.  Rams have been staying relatively close in their games.
WIN ~ 36-33 Rams

Chargers +3 (Colts)
Peyton has had to work way too hard keeping his team in contention.  Rivers is great in closing minutes of games.  I like the Chargers winning outright.  They always play the Colts tough.
WIN ~ 36-14 Chargers

That's 12 Bagels into the oven.

SHMEAR of the WEEK: (8-1 this season on the Shmear)
Steelers -6 1/2 (BILLS)

Post Game Results:
*Early games ~ I sucked.
*I remain perfect picking Cleveland ~ I haven't gotten a game right yet!
*Buffalo took PITT to O.T. ?  C'mon!  I lost the Shmear pick.  That hurts!  That's a -3 Bagel game for me.
*The TITANS was a miserable pick.
*Respect the Chiefs.
*I nailed the Falcons game didn't I?
*I was wrong with Oakland...BIG!
*How'ya like that Rams pick...huh?

*I changed 3 picks yesterday before I published.  I won't say which games...but I lost all three.  The lesson learned is - "Think Long ~ Think Wrong!"

I lost 4 BAGELS this afternoon to make me +18.  I'm sitting 5-6 going into the night game.  I need victory in the S.D. vs IND game to break even for the week (Shmear aside).

Chargers win.  I finish the day 6-6 and +19.

New York Football Giants:
Stop Turning The Ball Over and Turn This Around!

Forget the NFC West!  Philadelphia, Atlanta and Chicago are all leading their divisions.  The Saints are 8-3.  The Bucs are 7-3.  The Packers are 7-3.  Only now, we can start talking about the 6-4 Giants.  Unfortunately the Giants have turned this Sunday's game into a must win.

After losing two games in a row within the division by a combined score of 60-37, The Giants can't afford to let this game go sour for them.  The Jaguars have won their last three games and have new life in their division.

Eli will be without Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith.  The Giant's O-Line is still without Shane Andrews, Shaun O'Hara and David Diehl.  Ahmad Bradshaw lost his starting job to Brandon Jacobs who's been largely underutilized.

This game will have to be won on the arm of Eli Manning of whom I have "no idea" who will be receiving his pass attempts.  Mario Manningham and (Kevin Boss) are now the only two guys the Jags need to worry about.  Brandon Jacobs will also have to give the Giants a ground attack which this team desperately needs this week in light of the injuries to the receivers.  The Defense will have to be flat-out dominant and cause a couple of turnovers of their own in order to give the Giants a chance to win.  And lastly, please, the turnovers need to be corrected.

Can the Giants survive two more losses this season and still have hopes of making the playoffs?  I doubt it; not with the three teams I mentioned who are ahead of them in the Wild Card standings.

The Giants still have many healthy big name players on Defense who, without a doubt, need to step up this week and have supreme individual efforts.  Yes, the Defense needs to win this game for us.  We just can't have Eli and turnovers lose it.

Jacksonville Jaguars  20


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