Tuesday, November 02, 2010

NYY ~ "The BRONX is Simmering"

The N.Y. Yankees' Head Guy in Charge; Hal Steinbrenner thought it very necessary fans of the Yankees and New Yorkers, receive an apology from Texas Rangers' CEO/Owner Mr. Chuckie (good guy) Greenberg for disparaging comments he made on the heals of the San Francisco World Series victory, and the Texas Rangers' defeat.

Chuckie called "us" awful and embarrassing; violent or apathetic....we were the worse out of any crowd he's seen in the post-season....! Blah blah..

Can you imagine that?  Us?

Brilliant; Spoken like a man who has no experience,  practical to Baseball in late October. This was the first opportunity for your franchise to shine in the national spotlight and you allowed the whole experience to flicker-out like a "dim bulb".  Thank your lucky "Lone Star" you have Nolan Ryan on board is all I can say.

Chuck Greenberg, obviously reacting to backlash, called Hal Steinbrenner to apologize for the comments.
Hal responded in a manner as if to say...'Save it.  Takes more than you to Rattle(snake) the Empire.  You want to apologize?  Direct it towards the fans you insulted and good luck with that.  Cowboy-up Chuck!'

Mr. Greenberg did just that issuing a statement today.

And we say - Save it Road Kill; not interested.  You're only apologizing because you're getting flack over getting special sauce all over your cow chips.

Us?  We have skin thinker than a steer in a spacesuit.  We wear insults like a badge of courage so...,  Dont'cha fret none bout us now...ya hear?  Because "Frankly", (wink wink Chuck) my man, we don't give a Damn.

But to those dummies who spit down on Mrs. Cliff Lee, don't make that mistake again because as far as you're concerned, Greenberg is right.  After all, we aren't Philly fans are we?

Moving on, Bruce Bochy, manager of the new World Champions of Baseball is "irresponsible"; or so thinks Brian Cashman, in a manner of speaking.  Last week, Brian Cashman was on the Michael Kay Show and when asked about the differences between managers who manage with their guts versus skippers who employ a stat based decision process, Cashman responded by saying he prefers a manager who uses all the information and statistical analysis at his disposal to arrive at the most informed decision possible and who will implement said dictates.  He continued to say how a manager employing a gut-based system was irresponsible and wasn't the type of manager he wanted working for him.  In a separate interview, Sandy Alderson also concurred with Cashman's assessment when asked about managerial styles.

The Blue Binder Joe Girardi is joined in STATISTICAL matrimony with is co-authored by Brian Cashman himself.  Joe Girardi is every bit the manager he wants Joe to be.  As a matter of fact, a deviation from the binder will earn Joe a demerit.  Prepare to watch "LooseLeaf" in action for another three years.

So, does this make Bochy a modern day Baseball Fred Flintstone; a rebel; lucky.....? - Does this make him a hockey stick flung into the spokes in the theory of high probability?  Cashman calls it plain ol' irresponsible.

Stats have their usefulness and place in decision making.  But give me a caveman who breathes this game and knows what to do when he gets a tingly feeling in his head; and I don't mean flies.

Mariano Rivera, always class, has made his latest great pitch.  He said he is willing to sign a one year deal, with an option.  He has provided the Yankees with the best possible resolution regarding the question "what to do about resigning MO?"  Mariano "saved" the Yankees from having to deal with that problem by offering them a respectful and minimalist way of winding down his career in Pinstripes.  If only every situation came with ready made solutions.....like...,

What to do about Derek Jeter?  Some how, some way, ARod figures into the answering of this question.
Inevitably, based on the principal aspect alone, the extensions of ARod and Jeter will no doubt be played against each other by Jeter's agent.  Because of what Jeter has meant to this franchise, any and all attempts to play off that legacy will hold water.  Hal also made a comment to the effect the Team has reached out to initiate discussions, but there may be a possibility things could get difficult (my words).  That all remains to be seen.

But here's what I think Jeter might thinking.  The Great Mickey Mantle ruined his lifetime .300 career average by hanging on too long.  Later in life he admitted that and about how much it bothered him.  Mickey would say defiantly he was a .300 hitter.  The only problem was his baseball card disagreed.  I don't think Derek Jeter wants to jeopardize his career .300 average.  This last season was the worst batting average he posted in his career. 

His pursuit of 3000 hits will most likely come to a close by mid-season 2011 baring any unforeseen disasters.  When he gets that momentous 3000th hit he will be the only New York Yankee/ New York Highlander to ever achieve that milestone.  That will no doubt get him into Cooperstown in due time.  But I think Jeter's .300 career average is something haunting Derek Jeter and I do not feel he's willing to risk falling below the rate of three out of every ten.

I'm looking for Jeter to sign a three year deal somewhere in the neighborhood of  $19 to $20 million dollars.
I strongly believe he will stay short term and not even entertain the idea of a 5 year deal.  A personal services contract isn't out of the question and would be something wholly different when talking deals.

What ever Derek signs for and what ever he decides to do in the future I'm sure will still be carried out in typical JETERIAN fashion; With Class.

That's everything "Yankee" which interests me at the moment.

*note for clarification:  By "we" I meant NY'ers.  I am a Met fan/Jekyll and Hyde Yankee Hater.  I only Hate when provoked to do so by irresponsible Yankee Fan phenomena.


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