Monday, November 08, 2010

NYKnicks ~ Zeke May Never Haunt Halls of MSG Again; Link

Every Basketball minded fan around the city has by now, no doubt, heard about Isiah Thomas' fantastic revisionist tales and the buff-job he's trying to spin about his days at MSG.  What sheer lunacy!  Many in and around the media have been tossing out the word delusional to describe Zeke's state of mind.  Michael Kay conducted an interview with Isiah on the heals of the initial shock waves Isiah's comments created soon after speaking with Ian O'Conner earlier for Ian's  Point ~ Michael Kay was right when he said delusional was the absolute wrong word to describe Zeke's state.

Me?  I'd use Machiavellian; as Machiavellian as he's ever been and exactly the way we remember him.

Delusional?  Hardly.  Zeke was, as always, just being true to himself.  I heard nothing during Michael Kay's interview nor read anything in Ian O'Connor's transcript which leads me to believe Isiah Thomas was acting unlike anyone but, Isiah Thomas.  You can read Ian O'Connor's article HERE.

This day, his tact of choice was that of victim trying to vindicate his good name, playing on people's sympathies to again one day be in a position to avenge a wrong perpetrated upon him by the NBA; namely mocking his executive achievements and stripping him of his post.  What makes this day from left field any different from any post-game Q&A he played host to while he was Sith Lord of MSG?  He took responsibility for nothing 'wrong' then, and paints pictures of the past resembling a Botticelli now.

Above all, what has Knick fan's anxieties on high alert today, is the closeness, bond and friendship Isiah Thomas maintains with Sir James Dolan; Rey of MSG and our New York Knicks.

Donnie Walsh might be calling the shots now but we learned and know well, Zeke never really went away.  The scepter of his possible return has been making the hair of Knicks fans stand up from Coney Island to City Island, electrocuted and shocked that Zeke still, somehow, arches into our affairs in the third year after his removal from office.

Well I have good news for you Knick fans.  Please read this great article by Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo! Sports.  This article might, once and for all time, put our fears to rest regarding Zeke's MSG Come-back and possible Swan Song at the New Garden.

If what this article says is true, there will be no Rising like the Phoenix for Isiah.  In the mean-time there is only lunacy..., just like in Hitchcock's, The Birds.


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