Thursday, November 18, 2010


N.Y. Islanders ~ The Ghosts of Uniondale:

Chris Botta, a long-time employee of the New York Islanders and author of the team's blog, had his press credentials revoked by the team. There are still so many loose ends to this story and it appears as if there will be consequences and repercussions for this course of action. But initial reports say the move came on the heals of critical comments made by Botta on the team's blog page.

Without the Light House project, things just keep getting darker and darker in Uniondale for the New York Islanders Hockey Club.  Now the situation for them has taken a turn towards the absurd.  Click the link, check out Bruce Ciskie's article on and get updated on this story.

The problems the Islanders face are so far from the realm of Chris Botta's imagination, yet this is what they chose to devote their time to.

*They are trapped in a dilapidated arena till the year 2015.
*Their prospects for the Lighthouse Project ever getting approved are pretty much dead.
*Charles Wang is hemorrhaging his own personal monies trying to keep the Islanders afloat in their present situation....after over a decade and a half of crooked ownership, Mike Millbury and futility.
*Nassau County served Charles Wang with a slap in the face engaging in talks to bring Atlantic League Baseball to Nassau County.  Read about that development HERE.  As part of Wang's original idea, he and Fred Wilpon entertained the idea the Light House would also host a AA-class baseball team for the Mets.
*In July of 2009 Charles Wang even expressed dismay for purchasing the team in a Newsday article.

*Islanders hire their back-up goalie to be their General Manager.  Really?

*After their 10th consecutive loss they resorted to firing Head Coach Scott Gordon.

*In their first game under a new coach, they extended their losing streak to 11 games.
*In their last home game the arena was hauntingly empty with less than 5,000 fans in attendance.

The four-time Stanley Cup Champions are in dire straights.  Take a visit to Light House Hockey for some more in-depth reading about the Islanders' newest dilemma.

Post Script:
As a New York Rangers fan, I'd like to see the Islanders have all their troubles corrected and have them stay in the area.  Whether they remain in Long Island or come to Brooklyn and play in the Barclays Center, or even if Charles Wang and Fred Wilpon can strike a deal to bring the Islanders to Queens, it's in the NHL's best interest to do their part and ensure they stay viable and remain in the NYC area.  It's a shame what's happened to the franchise.


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