Sunday, November 07, 2010

NYG Week 9 ~ Silence in Seattle; Giants Romp

Mission Accomplished.

The New York Football Giants Seized the Moment!  And they did it in a Big Blue way. 

The Giants tarred the Seahawks' feathers late Sunday afternoon leaving even Seattle's cricket population silenced.  The home crowd turned Seahawks' Green in their gills as they gasped at going down 21-0 in the blink of an eye and were never heard from again.

In the 1st quarter, Ahmad Bradshaw rushed for two early touchdowns.  Brandon Jacobs busted loose for a big gain, then Coach Gilbride abandoned the run and proceeded to make me lose my mind over the 2nd and 3rd quarters throwing the ball everywhere from Seattle to Singapore.  I'm going to deal with Coach Gilbride in following posts because the guy is a complete ego-maniac.  With 4:00 left in the first half he was still throwing the ball all over the place.  We were winning 35-0!!

Eli Manning was the beneficiary of Gilbride's ego, making Coach G look good by passing for three touchdowns and no interceptions.  This ain't "Tiki Barber's" Eli Manning folks.  Eli is now officially a beast.  But I'll get into all my Man-Crush Lust later when I really deal with the finer things Blue (and Coach G).

Seattle never had a chance nor should they have.  The Giants took care this week not letting their opponent linger around.  They had them down early, buried them and ensured they stayed there.

The Giants are now 6-2 and have a firm grip on the Conference.

Everything came together,  exactly as I foresaw. (Check out my last two pre-game posts).

You do not yet realize the Power of the Blue Side! 

...And that's about as much gloating that you'll be hearing from me because this game was hurtful to my Offensive Line.  David Diehl went for x-rays on his hip.  Kid Adam Koets sprained his knee.  Kareem McKenzie's status is still unsure after the game.  And of course, Shaun O'Hara did not play.

My concerns about playing after a BYE have been laid to rest and the Giants are successfully building their foundation for December Football.  But first things first; the Dallas Cowboys come to the city for a visit next week.

*Next Post:  More of me ranting about Coach Gilbride the maniac; Brandon Jacobs; Eli and whatever else Blue's my mind.


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