Monday, November 22, 2010

N.Y. Rangers ~ Marty Biron Holding Down The Fort

...The Mighty Marty Biron that is.

Coach Torts gave the hot goalie another start tonight and Biron did not disappoint handing in a stellar game on his time sheet.  He is now 4-0 in his last four starts.  His fifth win tonight was perhaps his best effort so far.
He allowed only one goal while stopping 31 threatening shots by Calgary in the Ranger's' 2-1 victory tonight at MSG.  Jerome Igilna scored the 450th goal of his great career and damn nearly had #451 if it were not for Biron stonewalling him at the doorstep.  Fifteen of his saves came in tonight's third period.

Dan Girardi scored on a Power Play goal and Brian Boyle who had himself a superb over-all game, scored his 9th goal of the year giving the Rangers their two goals which were good enough to hold off Calgary.

This was a hard hitting affair and midway through the third period it got even more fierce.  Marc Staal absolutely obliterated Calgary's Matt Stajan with a mid-ice hit.

From that moment things got a little chippy.  But not for long.  In a not so subtle way but not nearly in an overt manner, Derek Boogaard took the ice and had the Flames forgetting whatever thoughts they had regarding taking a run at someone in retaliation for Staal's hit.  In a most refreshing way, I watched Boogaard settle Calgary's rambunctiousness with his mere presence.  They tried baiting him into a penalty, but he wouldn't bite; not without hitting someone if they dared drop gloves with him.  He was too smart for them and muted, like I said,  Calgary's chippiness post haste.  They thought better of Boog and opted for the Mood Management over a Boogaard straight right.

The enforcer role has not been played to it's perfection like it did tonight in MSG since the days when Nick Fotiu played here.  BOOOG! ~ could be heard raining down from the crowd.  BoooG! ~ indeed.

Derek Boogaard, you've found a home in N.Y.

The Free Sean Avery Society:
Sean Avery was burried again with only 8:34 of ice time.  That was second lowest on the team after Derek Boogaard.


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