Sunday, November 21, 2010

N.Y. Mets ~ S.S. Wilpon Set To Hire New Skipper

METropoliS ~ We knew we weren't getting Wally.  It's "unofficially" time to rally around Terry Collins.  Shhhh!  I know.

Local scuttlebutt says The Mets seem ready to hire Terry Collins as their next manager.

At least it's not Bob Melvin.  If I didn't say that I wouldn't be true to myself.  I've been adamantly opposed to Bob Melvin for over a year now. 

Of the final four candidates I would have probably gone with Backman because I thought the other three gentlemen were just too inconsequential.  I did however express leeriness about a possible Backman appointment though, based purely on his qualifications.  But I, like everybody in attendance next Opening Day, would have risen and joined in a standing ovation at first sight of Wally coming out of the dugout as the new Mets' manager. 

Sadly, put that notion to bed now folks.  It was fun to ponder for a while.  It's time to get back to being "pragmatic" Met fans.

Actually, I'm a little bemused by the whole process.  I don't want to commit sacrilege speaking against Sandy Alderson, but honestly, the process left a little something to be desired for me.  I wasn't particularly thrilled with the master list of candidates.  I felt there were a few more names around the league that at least warranted an interview and I can't help myself from irresponsibly speculating there may be ulterior reasons why.  And since I'm being honest, I get a not so sweet taste of MoneyBall lingering in my mouth thinking that the manager really is subordinate to the edicts of statistical philosophy.  I like a manager with a little bit-o-Gut.  After all, I'm middle aged.

I'd be lying if I said the player mutiny against Terry Collins in Aneheim doesn't concern me.  That happened in DisneyHood.  Our little town has a slightly different temperament.  Within this organization alone we've seen players turn on Jeff Torborg,  Bobby Valentine and Willie Randolph.  In this city we've witnessed Roger Nielson, Don Nelson, Eric Mangini and even Tom Coughlin lose teams to near mutiny.  Only Tom Coughlin had the where-with-all to gain back respect and thrive here.  So we've seen Terry Collins' type here before.  Even Buck Showalter wore on his players.  Do you want to add Dallas Green [squared] to this list also?  Be my guest.

We know this much, Terry won't be yelling at anyone for not being able to drop down a bunt.  Giving away outs in MoneyBall is a no-no.  And I'm pretty much done with the Moneyball cracks.  That's not where I'm going.  I have full confidence Sandy Alderson will be flexible and creative enough to use the full resources of the Mets to the best of his ability and not marry the organization to a strict edict of statistical religiosity.

In other words, Sandy has my full confidence no matter who he hires.  That being said, Terry looks like he's the New Boss.  He certainly is different than the Old Boss.  If Sandy says it's Terry, then I say it's Terry too (however reluctantly).  I'm not waiting for him to slip so I can knock him.  Please; this is my team too.

Terry Collins basically represents an in-house promotion getting bumped up from minor league duties.  He is familiar with the young players on the roster.  That is a plus (I guess).  Here's another plus you may not like to hear.  He has no particular connection to "the core" of this team; namely Reyes and Wright.  Those two players are accustomed to getting pampered by this organization like two finely lotioned baby butt cheeks in a pair of Snuggies.  Maybe with someone like Terry Collins urging more from them and holding them to expectations, they might finally make the final break-through towards real genuine stardom.

We really don't know what Sandy Alderson's analysis and plans for the young players are.  Do Mike Pelfrey, Josh Thole, Jon Niese, Ike Davis, Bobby Parnell, Hennry Mejia and others form a new future core of players or are they trade bait?  Until that gains focus, it's hard to gauge what kind of impact a personality like Terry Collins' will have on the overall roster; veteran and prospect alike.

Wally Backman was a better known variable to us personally than Terry Collins is.  We all knew what we would have been in for hiring Wally Backman to be skipper.  We all envisioned good times in a new Era with our little Wally "McGraw".  I also think everyone was aware Wally at any moment could have gone Billy Martin on us too; and I don't mean Good Billy.  That's why there won't be too much commotion or resistance to Terry Collins regardless what we really think.

I think we all know Sandy knows what's better for us than we do.  We're fans.  Let's stick to that.  Wally was a very emotional choice on our part.  Many of us knew that also.  Heck,  I would have given the job to John Stearns!  But that's me; not Sandy Alderson.  And that in the end, is best for the Mets. 

In the end, that makes it good for us.


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  1. I hate this hire. Collins is I think the Mets could have made a bigger splash than this. Also, they hired Paul DePodesta. I don't hate DePo, it's just that his hiring stinks of MoneyBall.


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