Monday, November 22, 2010

N.Y. Giants ~ Big Blue Bird Droppings

New York Giants ~ Eagles Post Game Reaction, Take One;

If you were born in the 2000's, that's a good thing, as ignorance is bliss.  Stay young.  Being a passionate sports fan can be detrimental to your emotional development.  If you were born in the 1990's, this loss was devastating.  If you were born in the 1980's, you're probably just really angry right now.  And if you were born in the 1960's or 1970's, you know this game was just a "Giant" pot-hole in the street.  It might have dented the rims a little, but it shouldn't stop us from moving forward.  This Big Blue Bomber (anyone know the reference?) is still very operable people! 

If you read my previous posts, you know I was prepared for this outcome.  The Eagles defended their home field.  I expect to do the same when they visit in a few weeks.  All our problems, injuries withstanding, are ours to correct.  The situation remains in our hands to pass or fail.

Leading up to the game I said,
"A loss Sunday would knock the Giants out of first place.  A loss Sunday is survivable.  I believe we'll win the second game at home regardless.  It's rare to beat division rivals twice in the season.  But, do I believe we can beat the Eagles in their nest?  I believe it as surely as a pigeon can spot a newly washed car.  But, because of all our injuries, an awful-lot of things need to go our way.  This game can easily turn into something very bizarre like Hitchcock's "The Birds" no sooner than kick-off.
This traditional NFC East battle is not for the faint of heart."

I stand by that.  This game IS survivable and I do believe we will beat the Eagles when they visit in a few weeks.  This game was in our hands and we let it slip (er...flop..stumble) away.  We had numerous opportunities to win Sunday; we're a good team, with good coaching, good personnel and we're still in a good situation.  That is everything you want as a fan.  But as I foresaw, this game got freakishly bizarre.  It almost always is between us.  But there was nothing about this game that doesn't allow me to think we can beat Philadelphia.

This game pretty much played out the way I thought it would.  We are just the unfortunate ones who found ourselves on the wrong side of the score.  If you take a look at what concerned me about this game against the Eagles  last week, you'll save me a lot of time because I'm really not going to deviate from previous thoughts.

But let's get into some of it anyway. We needed to run the ball effectively.  We didn't.  Coach Gilbride tried to get the run game established.  I will credit him with that.  But with the entire left side of the Offensive-Line on the M*A*S*H squad, the Giants had zero forward surge.  The Eagles stopped our run game cold.  There were multiple reasons for that to be tackled in my next Giants posting.

I also said these things (redacted),
"He (Vick) can do what he can do and we're all a testament to that.  But riding a confidence level that is sky high right now, Vick's 'id' might be looking to do things he never thought he could before; - That's the scary aspect of "him".  Skill begs for great moments and his brain just might listen.

OK...relax.  Here's the other side.  We always managed to contain Vick before when he was with the Falcons.  That was a different day.  I'll give you that.  But somehow we've always managed him.  He didn't have a great camp or early start to the season.  Last week was a break-through game in an improving season for him but a bad day at the office just might be right around the corner too.

.....And most importantly, no turn-overs. In this game, who ever turns over the ball least, wins.

We all know the left side of the Offensive Line has been decimated by injuries and that fact may add wrinkles to the best laid plans to run the ball. I totally get that.
But this is a Giants-Eagles game. Usually the best prognostications are rendered stupid in this match-up. One freaky game is usually what ensues when these teams meet. These games are never pretty and to call them ugly is calling Phyllis Diller, Aphrodite. Fumbles, interceptions, safeties, penalties, hostilities, and the darnedest things you ever saw are all part of Giants/Eagles games. It's always been that way with these NFC East rivals."

The Giants defense did just that; contained Michael Vick.  Without the turn-overs, he doesn't compile his passing numbers.  There was a blocked FG attempt, a scary injury moment, and plenty of Blah blah...

So, what can I really add today other than to say, Let's move on from this game.  This wasn't as dire a loss as the talkies are making this out to be.  I am not close to letting previous season melt-downs creep into my thinking.  Coach Coughlin is not on the Hot Seat.  All is well here.  Go back to your farms now.  There's nothing more to see.

But I wish that was really true.  There is a lot to see, study and correct here.

The Special Teams continues to worsen. They went from being bad to being horrible. You can only side-step your problems for so long before they catch up to you.  Special Teams' play caught up with the Giants this week in a maddening way.

It's so cliche to say, and not very insightful, but I did say in my previews, "He who turns-over the ball least, will win."

Turn-Overs! ~ Fumbles ~ I hate bringing Tiki Barber into these conversations.  So, I'm not!  Ahmad Bradshaw; - Ya gotta love the guy.  But c'mon Dude!  Hold on to the ball.  I'm not going to spend time chastising #44.  He and Coach Coughlin I'm almost positive will be spending an inordinate amount of time correcting Bradshaw's propensity to fumble.

Turn-Overs! ~ Interceptions ~ Eli!?  Dude!?  You're my Duke.  I do not entertain talk regarding who is better than you, this, that or the other.  You are my guy.  Period.  Criticisms about you matter not to me.  You have my utmost confidence.  But you have to help me out.  What the hell was that?

What will we name this play? -  you know the one where Eli ran for a first down late in the game, dove forward and fumbled the ball however untouched by an Eagle player.

"The Stumble" ?
"The Trip" ?
"The Philly Flop" ?

What the....?

Whatever we name it, add it to the list of "the darnedest things you ever saw in a Giants/Eagles game".

My attention was on a great NY Rangers game tonight therefore I had trouble focusing and formulating this post.  I, admittedly, am all over the place and seem to be tripping over myself trying to describe what I watched last the Giants' play in Philly.

What a bad game.

What a bad post.

I'll try to be better in my next offering.  I hope the Giants will try harder too.


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