Sunday, November 14, 2010

NY Aviators Win In Brooklyn's Home Ice Opener


Broome County Barons

As/of - November 12, 2010
Aviator Sports Center

Arrive at 6:25 p.m.

Scout out a good place to sit. 
Section 8 is right next to the player's entrance, the press box, and is near center ice.

Reach in pocket; take out money;
Buy reasonably priced ticket to Opening Night.

Secure a game program at the front desk.

Then stop and admire the Aviator Sports Center Trophy Case.

Take a picture of Brooklyn's

On the way to your seat, stop and say hello to

By then it will be time for pre-game introductions..

...and for you to rise and take off your hats for
the singing of our National Anthem.

Finally, time to drop the puck.

After a little of this and a little of that..

..the Barons jumped out to an early lead.

They took that lead into the locker room with them after the first period,
but not before THIS!

For you Zamboni Buffs out there..., here you are;
A Zamboni.

He did a good job, didn't he?

The AVIATORS came out for the Second Period...,

...kicked things up a couple of notches...,

..and started putting up their own numbers on the scoreboard.

Then, there was another one of THESE!

Once that was settled they played some more hockey.

And the Second Period ended with the Aviators leading 3-2.

During the Second Intermission,
we were entertained by The Human Slingshot.

The Aviators started the Third Period ahead 3-2.

But then, the game was delayed as the Refs had to make quick repairs
to the ice surface.

Which resulted in a whole lot of this..

..and this.

Once the ice was patched-up and play resumed, the Aviators scored two more times
increasing their lead 5-2.

The remaining time wound down and
The New York Aviators won their Brooklyn Home Ice Opener.

These guys are,
"The Coolest Guys in Brooklyn"

Then it got quiet and we all went home happy.



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