Saturday, November 20, 2010

N.J. DEVILS ~ Adding Injury to Insults; Pat Burns

Big Boss Lou Lamoriello added his voice to the conversation taking place about his team's current, on going dilemma, being, they suck.  Big Lou indicated flatly Coach John MacLean is not the problem with the Devils.  He placed the onus squarely on the player's performances.  After twenty games played Big Lou is calling on his star players to play like such.  He's calling on the rest of the cast to know their roles and execute.

But now the Devils find themselves without the services of Martin Brodeur for a few weeks as he needs time to heal his re-injured elbow; originally re-aggravated by a shot off the arm.  So add injury to an already futile defense effort which is no doubt insulting the Devil's fan base's long time sensibilities regarding how this game gets played. 

The once unilaterally effective, system oriented, interchangeable parts churned out by DEVIL Corp., no longer fit this once proud (Animal House) Death Mobile.  Now, this reconfigured machine...No!.. Instead, this assemblage of incompatible body parts play hockey more like Dr. Frankenstein's mismatched Monster on skates.

Tonight they play a very good St. Louis Blues team.  And I'm afraid things will no doubt get a little worse before things get better for Jersey.  I don't just mean on the ice either.  Their poor 5-12-1 start this season can not be written off to injury.  They've earned their subterranean spot in the standings with a non-existent defensive effort and a core of star players currently MIA. Twenty games is one fourth of the season and therefore a sizable body of work with which to scrutinize. 

A great majority of the fan base is still in shock over this assault to their Devil Fan indoctrination.  Such ineptitude was thought to have been "exorcised" back in the 80s.  But when said majority start to snap out of their haze, sooner than later, they may very well turn into an angry mob.

Coach John MacLean turns 46 years old today.  As far as it being a Happy Birthday...?  That will be decided tonight after we get a final score from St. Louis.

BLUES    3

Post Game ~ Grit your teeth and bare the pain like men.  That's how you handle this.  Don't whine; No snivelling.  Stay professional and humble, say the right things and keep trying hard.

The Devils are now 5-13-1.  New Jersey has scored a mere 36 goals in 20 games to start the season.  There's wry achievement in there somewhere.  The defense was expected to be of lesser caliber coming into the season.  No one expected it would be this bad.  But what is utterly astonishing is the lack of offense highlighted by the stat I just offered.

Take tonight for instance; the Devils got their two goals from David Clarkson and Mattias Tedenby.  Why not just give Bill and Ted a stick and skates and let them take a "most excellent" chance on the first line?  Where is Gionta?  Elias?  Zajac?  Arnott?  Kovalchuk?  Parise?

That's what Lou Lamoriello wants to know.

PAT BURNS ~ Rest Well.
Former New Jersey Devils Stanley Cup Champion Coach and NHL Titan, Pat Burns, has passed away at the age of 58 after a long complicated bout with cancer.  The NHL Hall of Fame erred terribly by not paying Pat Burns his due respect and recognition while he was still with us by inducting him into the Hall.  I for one thought Pat Burns was one of the Elite Coaches of my lifetime.  My condolences to his loved ones, family and friends.  Rest Well Pat.

I chose the following ARTICLE from the Montreal Gazette.  After reading it I'm sure you'll agree with my selection.  I read many works over the last two days.  This one speaks best.


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