Monday, November 01, 2010

The Ghosts of Coogan's Bluff Haunt No More

All these years later, peace now comes to the tortured souls and wandering beings suspended in time because they couldn't let go.  Old fans, now merely apparitions, who've had their hearts ripped out of them half a century ago at Coogan's Bluff,  enjoyed their last haunt at 7:30p.m.- Pacific Standard Time tonight.  The ghosts charged with scaring away threats to our legacy must now cease activities...and come to rest.  New York City's National League Baseball file on the Classic Era is now closed.  Our hostage-like grip on Giants History is over.  The last cigar at the Polo Grounds has been smoked.  The last punctuation mark has been applied and the story on the Golden Age of National League Baseball in New York City is finally, 56 years later, complete.  For us now, there is only the New York Mets; San Francisco has their first World Series Champion.  Nineteen fifty four is dead.  The last of the New York Giant fans still scattered about the city can no longer look, point and laugh at the team that never won a championship again after they eloped out west with the Bums of Brooklyn whenever they came to Shea/Citi (Mostly Shea!).

"CONGRATULATIONS!!  Now go shave those beards and never forget where you came from!"
The Ghosts of Coogan's Bluff


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