Friday, October 22, 2010


OCTOBER 22, 2010



American League
* * * * * * *GAME 6* * * * * * *

New York



The Ballpark at Arlington, Texas

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Baseball in October; There's nuthin' like it!

Pre-Game Thoughts:  Jorge Posada
Phil Hughes will try to pitch the Yankees into a Game Seven do or die.  As we know he was not effective his last time out.  Aside from Andy Pettitte, all pitchers are available for relief duty tonight.  The Yankees must sell-out tonight for there to be a tomorrow.  CC Sabathia is said to be available for up to 50 pitches should the situation need.  A seven out save from MO would not be out of the question.

Hughes the righty, and Posada behind the plate tonight mean one thing; the Rangers are going to run like drunk politicians. 

Yankee fans have been cringing at the sight of Posada's defensive lapses lately.  Tonight he needs to buckle down and be Posada; one of the team leaders.  As many times as we've seen the back of his jersey for chasing down a passed ball or wild pitch, Jorge gets clutch hits ~ flat out!  What he lacks behind the dish Jorge corrects when he steps up to that same dish.  There is a lot of pride and passion in the Yankee back-stop.  It's always had a way of surfacing and influencing big games.

Jorge Posada will never get the true credit for being, in a most literal sense, the Yankees Back Bone.  Jorge has always been willing to stick his neck out for his team mates, when so many of them over the last 9 years have not.  He was always willing to do what needed to be done when so many wouldn't, even if it meant going against the "Yankee Way".  Who else, I ask you? Who? - ...took it upon himself to send an occasional message to the American League, Don't Mistake Our Kindness For Our Weakness!   I defy you to compile that list for me. Jorge always had his team mates backs! So many would never step their play up and bring to the game what, at times, the situation dictated.

Casey Stengel used to say of Yogi Berra, "I never play without my Guy".  Whether Yogi was behind the dish, left field or first base, Casey always played with his Guy.  The Yankees more than ever are reliant on their GUY! ~ Jorge Posada.  

He gets knocked, disrespected, barreled over, nicked and under appreciated for all of it.  Pitchers and their issues are no less guilty towards contributing to Jorge's defensive phenomena.   But I will tell you those same pitchers love him when he connects in clutch moments. 

WHO'S Knocking Jorge Then?  You know who you are!!   And I'm Not Even A Yankee Friendly!!  I'm talking to you "select" Yankee fans. You know who you are.

Whatever shenanigans have transpired whether this guy catches that pitcher and that pitcher can't pitch to Jorge nonsense, know that Jorge is STILL the fiery soul of this team.  The pervasive and relentless passion on this team has always come from Jorge.

Hip HIP....JORGE!!



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