Monday, October 18, 2010

Tough Year for the YANKEES FAMILY

It's been a tough year in the Yankee Family. 
Now, the beloved crowd favorite and ultimate Yankee Rooter,

"Freddie Sez"

Has passed away at the age of eighty-five.

I'm honored to have met and spoken with Freddie Sez.
Above all it's been my distinct pleasure to have
"tapped-tapped-tapped Freddie's pan".

If you never met him inside or outside Yankee Stadium
and tapped on the pan for luck,
you've never truly been to Yankee Stadium then.

You will be dearly missed by all NYC.

Click the article  to enlarge.

These are pictures I took of Freddie over the years.

Be Well My Friend.

The curtain will also fall on this Classic in between inning Act:

It was a good run Boyz!  Good Job.


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