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SIN is Being Lazy & Incorrect About NYC Baseball History


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I rarely if ever do this, but on this occasion I could not resist.  I'm just a stickler about the Baseball History of our little city we call New York.  I did my own retrospective on the Giants about their earliest days here in New York City back on October 14th.  You can read that post here. 

But Mr. Bondy is the Pro here; I am just a sports fan with a blog.  You are however, welcome to compare my content of word versus his and make your own conclusions.  I already cede him being the better writer.  Besides my issue has more to do with his Headline Writer than Mr. Bondy himself.  But had I known Mr. Bondy would do a piece today (OCT. 27, 2010) like this I would have suggested someone conduct a little more detailed investigative field work.

Did anyone look down from Coogan's Bluff for some perspective?  Did anyone try and locate the stairway which is one of the last links to those days; the stairway descending from the top of the Bluff down to Polo Grounds level? - The stairway still being discussed about and being pleaded with/appealed to the San Fransisco Giants Ball Club for assistance to refurbish it?  Had ya done that, you would have seen IT.

Alternately, all someone had to do was walk in from the sidewalk about 100 feet in and on the left IT was there to find.  At a minimum the Housing Employees know exactly where IT is.  How do you think I found IT.  What?   THIS:

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Of all things...there's a sign!  There's a plaque to be more exact.
It's right there for all to see affixed to the side of one of the residential buildings.
It basks in the sunshine unobstructed everyday not more than 50 feet or so from the base
of Coogan's Bluff.

Here's the difference I guess; I knew it was there when I went.
Perhaps you should have checked with me before going with that headline Dude.

No sign INDEED!

In a separate matter, I made a comment in my same NY Giants posting (if you read it) about the N.Y. Yankees pretty much stealing the idea of monuments and plaques in Center field from the Giants. But they also took the idea to surround the then, new Yankee Stadium with an old Polo Grounds staple;
the iconic frieze.

This first picture depicting "THE CATCH" by Willie Mays, shows the plaques and monument in CF,  in place since World War I and before.

Picture ~N.Y. Daily News/Bondy's article

Below, notice the frieze on the exterior of Polo Grounds.  That decorative had been in place since the time they expanded Polo Grounds in the 20's to create the LF, RF and bleacher stands.  However for most of the late 19th century and early in the 20th century, the interior upper and mid-decks were adorned with the frieze.

Picture~Julia Xanthos/NYDailyNews/NewsFile

Turn of the century Polo Grounds.

Yankee Tradition ~ Frauds.

Don't get mad.


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