Saturday, October 23, 2010


Last week I was 6-6-1 on the Sunday docket.  For the season I am a plus-7 Bagels.  I hit the Shmear of the Week and remain a perfect 5-0 in that category.  This week the Giants play on Monday night against the Cowboys.  The Jets have a BYE.

The WEEK 7 Bagel Roll-Out:
(Saturday's NYDN Line)

Steelers -3 (DOLPHINS)  Don't think it will be close at all.
LOSS 23-22 steelers

FALCONS -3 (Bengals)
WIN 39-32 falcons

Jaguars +9 1/2 (CHIEFS)  K.C. wins; JAX covers points.
LOSS 42-20 chiefs

Eagles +3 (TITANS)
LOSS 37-19 titans

Redskins +3 (BEARS)
WIN 17-14 redskins

SAINTS -13 1/2 (Browns)  Easy!  Saints are waking up.
LOSS 30-17 browns

RAVENS -13 (Bills)  I can't see BALT not covering this game.
LOSS 37-34 ravens

49ers -3 (PANTHERS)
LOSS 23-20 panthers

Rams +2 1/2 (BUCS)
WIN 18-17 bucs

SEAHAWKS -6 1/2 (Cardinals)
WIN 22-10 seahawks

Patriots +3 (CHARGERS)  S.D. is falling apart like a cheap jersey.
WIN 23-20 patriots

Raiders +8 1/2 (BRONCOS)  Raiders lose but cover the spread.
WIN 59-14 raiders

Vikings +3 (PACKERS)  Hardest game of week to pick. Stay away.
LOSS 28-24 packers

That's another 13 Bagels into the oven.  I am +7 for the season which is primarily based on the strength of my Shmears of the WEEK though (at 3 Bagels a pop).  I'm hovering somewhere close to .500 on the Sunday docket.

The "experts" are calling this the week of the Favorites; not expecting many, if any upsets.  I don't see it that way.  My picks are tipped towards the Underdog by one game.

SHMEAR OF THE WEEK: (5-0 season)
SEAHAWKS -6 1/2 (Cardinals)
I would have picked the SAINTS and the RAVENS just as easily.  I've been riding with the SEAHAWKS this season and I don't believe they'll disappoint this coming Sunday.
WIN   6-0 for the season!

Happy Football Everyone!

I did horribly in the early games.  But I made a comeback with the late games by nailing them all.  Going into tonight's Packers/Vikings I'm sitting at 6-6 for the day.  Before figuring this game in my Bagel basket got a little heavier.  I am now a +10 on the strength of my SHMEARSof the WEEK; of which I am now a perfect 6-0.

That was one wacky Football game MINN/G.B.  But alas, I lost and finish the week 6-7.  That brings me down one Bagel to + 9 for the season.


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