Saturday, October 16, 2010


I went 7-6 last week on the Sunday docket.  I also hit my Shmear of the Week.  By the way, I'm a perfect 4-0 on the Shmear with one week where I did not make a selection. I finally punched through into the Positive Zone.  I've been struggling on the Sunday docket because many of the picks I've been making have been blowing games in the 4th quarter.  I've managed to stay at break-even on the strength of my Shmear of the Week picks which is a three bagel deal.  So alas, heading into WEEK 6,  I am at Plus Four bagels for the season.

Live it up!

The WEEK 6 Bagel Roll:
(Friday NYDN Line)
NYGIANTS -10 (Lions) LOSS 28-20 NYG
NYJets -3 (BRONCOS) WIN 24-20 NYJ
Chargers -8 1/2 (RAMS) LOSS 20-17 St.L.
Chiefs +4 1/2 (TEXANS) WIN 35-31 HOU
Ravens +2 1/2 (PATRIOTS) LOSS 23-20 N.E. o.t.
Saints -4 (BUCS) WIN 31-6 N.O.
Falcons +3 (EAGLES) LOSS 31-17 PHI
Seahawks +6 1/2 (BEARS) WIN 23-20 SEA
PACKERS -3 (Dolphins) LOSS 23-20 MIA
STEELERS -13 (Browns) WIN 28-10 PITT
Raiders +6 1/2 (49ERS) LOSS 17-9 S.F.
VIKINGS -1 1/2 (Cowboys) WIN 24-21 MINN
Colts -3 (REDSKINS) PUSH 27-24 IND

Record on the week  6-6-1

 13 bagels into the oven.  (+4 on the season)
Broke even on the Sunday docket but hit the SHMEAR.  That makes me +7 bagels going into WEEK 7

SHMEAR of the WEEK:  (season 4-0)
Saints -4 (BUCS)  WIN  ...makes me 5-0 on the season.

New York JETS ~ Flyin' High:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Coach Ryan and D-Generation REX, welcome you aboard WOODY's JET.
You've achieved cruising altitude and The Head Coach has turned off the Fasten Seat Belt sign; You are free to party-on about the cabin.

J - E - T - S    Just  Enjoying  The  Season

OK Jet fans, - You're feeling really good about yourselves and your team; rightfully so.  Being 4-1 after 5 weeks speaks to me.  Mark Sanchez is growing into his own.  The Defense has been stellar.  LT (I cringe doing that, even if Lawrence Taylor is in deep doo-doo) has discovered the fountain of HEALTH.  Dustin Keller is rapidly becoming a stand-out Tight End in this league.  Santonio Holmes returns from suspension to give Mark Sanchez another weapon.  Antonio Cromartie showed he can play big.  Calvin Pace is also back in action, even though he's still listed as probable for Sunday's game.

Speaking of probable, or most unlikely, is Derrelle Revis.  It would be easy to pick on him right now.  I'm a Giants fan but not a Jets Hater.  I'm very entertained by the Jets this year and have always thought of them well.

BUT....  The hold-out was ill advised and now he's paying the price for it.  Practice and Camp get your legs acclimated to the short bursts, cuts, stops and starts a corner-back makes, running backwards and transitioning forward.  Me missed that and his legs were being asked to flick on a switch and show up game ready.  This morning he got pulled over for speeding/reckless driving...blah blah..   So...

If I'm the Jets , I just keep Revis out of action this weekend and he'll have a whole two weeks off because next week is the Jets' buy-week.  He can rest up that "hammie" because they just don't go away and get better by taxing them.  Two weeks off would do him and the Jets a lot of good down the road.  Do you want this injury to linger and really haunt you in December?

The Jets have already inflicted heavy damage within their division; beating the Patriots, Dolphins and Bills.  I get having to coach and plan for the next game, but you also have to manage a season and it would be wise to keep Revis inactive.

There's little to debate without getting too nit-picky so I would suggest this ~ Don't get too cocky.  This is the easiest time to slip and not because your flying to Denver to take on the Broncos in the thin air..  Traveling west of the Mississippi River has presented it's own problems for the Jets over the last couple of years.  For a little while there, going west meant ~

J - E - T - S    Just  Empty  The  Suitcase

Sunday is going to start a whole new conversation about this team one way or another.  Another win and the hype machine is really going to start getting loopy.  A loss just means it's not a party until something breaks.


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