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Last week I went 5-8 on the Sunday Docket.  I went into the week net zero Bagels based on the strengths of my Shmear of the Week picks.  I am now 3-0 on the Shmear of the Week..  My hit on last week's Shmear keeps me at Net Zero bagels going into Week 5.  Otherwise the record on my Sundays is 18-26.

What can I tell you?  Go the other way on the Docket and bet the Shmear.

WEEK 5   Basket-o-Bagels
(Saturday NYDN Line)

This looks like the Week of the Favorites:
HOU -3 (nyg) LOSS 34-10 Giants
BALT -7 (den) WIN 31-17 Ravens
jax PK (BUFF) WIN 36-26 Jaguars
IND -7 1/2 (k.c.) WIN 19-9 Colts
DET -3 (st.l) WIN 44-6 Lions
atl -3 (CLE) WIN 20-10 Falcons
CIN -6 1/2 (t.b.) O.T. - LOSS 24-21 Buccs
CAR -2 1/2 (chi) LOSS 23-6 Bears
g.b. -2 1/2 (WASH) O.T. - LOSS 16-13 Redskins
n.o. -7 (ARZ) LOSS 30-20 Cardinals
OAK +6 (s.d.) WIN 35-27 Raiders
DAL -7 (tenn) LOSS 34-27 Titans
phi -3 (S.F.)  *night

13 Bagels into the oven.  
Today's record 6-6 pending the Philly/S.F. game.

Shmear of the WEEK:  (season 3-0)   *3 hot bagels
Jaguars to win ~ PK     WIN

Big Blue Thought:
The common denominator during the first four weeks has been the Offensive Line and the running game.  The O-Line is ailing and out of position.  If not out of position, you may say unsettled then.  They had a much better week last week than previously.  Center Shaun O'Hara is still compromised.  David Diehl, is front and center again.  After facing off against Julius Peppers and Dwight Freeney, he's now charged with restraining Mario Williams.

Brandon Jacobs is still trying to "get in the game" and Ahmad Bradshaw is banged up contending with minor but frustrating bumps and bruises.

The Giants' D will have their hands full and the linebackers in particular; our soft white underbelly.  I don't tell me ~ Phillip Dillard, Zak DeOssie, SpiderMan, Clint Sintim, Kieth Bulluck, Johnathan Goff, Chase Blackburn, Gerris Wilkinson and Michael Boley?  Who out of this group is going to lead this unit?  We still don't know.  A unit like this demands that Coach Fewell be creative in their implementation because not any of them is a stand out.  They will have their hands full with Houston's Adrian Foster.

This game will be decided at the line of scrimmage and the O-Line shoulders all the burden this week...again  This is the story of their season so far.  The Texans are not a team to be taken lightly.  This isn't the same expansion team we remember.  So the Giants are going to have to play a very balanced game this afternoon.

Three turnovers like last week will not due.
Special Teams ~ can we be better...Please?


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