Saturday, October 02, 2010


Last week I gained back one net bagel going 8-7 on the Sunday docket.  I am now back at break even after suffering through the first two weeks.  I always say you can't really go by what teams do in their first 3 weeks.  The truth is I'm only at net zero because I hit my lock of the week during Week One which was worth 3 bagels.  Now that we all have a couple of games under our belts, I'm expecting better results from my picks.

Mikey "bad-blogger" has been sticking with the Browns the first three weeks.  I honestly thought they were going to sneak up on some teams early on.  The Cowboys threw my numbers off also.  The Giants have flat out killed me.

On the positive side, I've been rolling a steady diet of bagels on the Steelers and the Seahawks.  They have been good returns so far.

And now, The WEEK FOUR Bagel Roll-out:
(Saturday's NYDN Line)

Jets -5 1/2 (BILLS) WIN 38-14
Broncos +7 (TITANS) WIN 26-20
STEELERS -2 1/2 (Ravens) LOSS 17-14
BROWNS +3 (Bengals) WIN 23-20
PACKERS -14 1/2 (Lions) LOSS 28-26
Panthers +13 1/2 (SAINTS) WIN 16-14
FALCONS -7 (49ers) LOSSS 16-14
Seahawks -1 (RAMS) LOSS 20-3
Colts -7 (JAGUARS) LOSS 31-28
RAIDERS +7 (Texans) PUSH 31-24
Cardinals +8 1/2 (Chargers) LOSS 41-10
EAGLES -5 1/2 (Redskins) LOSS 17-12

GIANTS -3 1/2 (Bears) WIN 17-3

13 bagels are going into the oven  ~  net zero on the season.

Bagel Smear of the WEEK:  (Season 2-0,  I made no pick last week)  *worth 3 bagels
Jets -5 1/2 (BILLS)  WIN

Three Team Cheeez:  (0-2, 2-4 over-all)
The sucker in me says take the Panthers + 13 1/2; and for some unknown reason the Browns are still calling my name.  I'm very confident the PACKERS will cover that spread against the Lions.

Don't do it!

Seahawks -1 (RAMS)
Broncos +7 (TITANS)
STEELERS -3 1/2 (Ravens)

Enjoy Football Sunday eveyone!


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