Monday, October 18, 2010

NYR ~ Home Ice Opener a Big Let Down

Grab a drink and have a seat Ranger fans.  This isn't going to be pretty.

We lost in overtime to the Leafs in the Home Ice Opener, 4-3.  We were up; we went down; we came back; we lost.  The damage in the standings is just a loss.

The damage Friday night's game had on the collective health, psyche and disposition of this team took direct hits; lefts; rights and body blows.

There was no good in this game outside of getting it to overtime.  Let's get right to the Bad then.

MARIAN GABORIK ~ OUT ~ Shoulder; 2 to 3 weeks.  He got hit into the boards down in the corner and POP; there went his shoulder.

CHRIS DRURY ~ OUT ~ Finger; 6 weeks.  He re-injured...No; he re-Broke the same finger that had him out of action to begin with.  Good Grief!

VINNY PROPAL ~ OUT ~ Knee; indefinitely.  He'll be having surgery on it this week.

But no; that's not all.   ....Now the UGLY. 

Yep, you guessed it, Sean Avery.  He will no doubt be facing a suspension for a double slash infraction.  The Rangers' roster had one more person than usual suited up for the Home Opener; Mr. Hyde himself.  And so that is the way it will be with Sean Avery.  Take the good and take the bad.  I chose to have him here.  But yes, this makes me shake my head.  He too may be out of action for tomorrow's game vs Colorado at the Garden if a suspension from the League comes down quickly.

All that's left is for Torts to blow up at Larry Brooks and this team will be in mid-season form.

If you remember in an earlier post, I had called for Dubinsky and Callahan to step up their game.  We need to have 30 goal seasons from them both.  Marian Gaborik can not do the scoring by himself.  Now that he is out for a few weeks, it's imperative the two Core players elevate their play. 

Frolov and Anisimov; my Duke..., and the rest of the Blueshirts just have to deal with it.

Now Torts has a built-in excuse to abandon any semblance of a third and forth line.

The burden falls on everyone to help weather the storm.  Additionally now more than ever, attention to detail by Del Zotto and Roszival is sorely needed.



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