Thursday, October 21, 2010

NYK ~ Knickerbocker Knockin'

Clear your throats; -  Use your best Gus Johnson impersonation and yell out, "I'm Jim Dolan! And I fire good radio announcers!  Ah..HA!

The Knicks fired their radio voice, Gus Johnson, citing Gus' many outside interests interfered with his Knick responsibilities.

While that may be true in management's view, I have news for the Knicks.  Gus Johnson was one of the very few reasons to pay attention to the Knicks through-out the Zeke Era and into the present.  Donnie Walsh has come a long way towards changing Knick fan's perceptions (like me).  By the time Donnie was brought in, this organization was a complete and utter mess and at least Gus Johnson made the Knicks a good listen because they certainly weren't a good watch.  I listen to a preponderance of Knicks games on radio because I enjoyed Gus Johnson's call while I had something else on the TV.  I would watch the "rewind" after the evening games wound down. 

Dolan fired a big asset to the company because at least Gus kept guys like me tethered ever so precariously to this team, of which I have always been a big fan since early childhood and the Lonnie Sheldon days. But the Knicks have tried my very last nerve over the last 9 years and the Nets coming to Brooklyn is a very conflicting situation for me which hasn't boded well for the Knicks. 

And (Dolan) still is not done.  I believe he doesn't like his organization in the hands of someone David Stern kinda nudged Dolan to hire.  And Dolan is looking for an opening to re-org again; his way.

This is the same Jim Dolan who continues to allow Zeke to lurk in the theoretical back alleys and shadows of MSG, hidden from our view; waiting to rise again like the Phoenix out of the renovation dust in the new Madison Square Garden. This is the same Jim Dolan who won't allow Donnie Walsh to bring in Chris Mullin. Why? Because Zeke still has Dolan's attention.

And that's where the Knicks lost a little more of mine (attention).

A part time Gus Johnson is better than a no-time Gus Johnson.  Mike Crispino was named Gus' replacement.  Really?  This is like going from the Patrick Ewing Era to the Kieth Van Horn Era.  C'mon!


The Donnie Walsh Era has a very short shelf-life folks.  We knew that going into this.  Jim Dolan signing off on Gus Johnson's dismissal is a very stark reminder of that.   Why?  The guy upstairs is just dying to get Donnie out of here.

...But that's just me thinking out loud.

UPDATED Friday October 22nd ~ The next day after all the reports Gus got fired, he could be heard on radio saying he did not get fired.  And as of today's media reports, they've been revised to inform the Knicks and Gus Johnson could not come to an agreement on a new contract.

This still doesn't change what I said.
BTB out.


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