Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NYG ~ A Big Blue Week 7 Review

This is what I was thinking before the game.  Do ya feel me on all that?  Yes? No? Maybe?  Let me know.

Post Game:  Big Blue Thoughts.

The Really Offensive Stuff:

High passes; tipped passes; intercepted passes; -

I've complained early this season and often about Eli's passes coming in high and how they are going to get a receiver laid-out (that's before Goodell decided to enforce existing rules against decapitation more fervently).  Concern 1-A regarding the high passes are the tipped balls.  Eli's interceptions have mostly been of the tipped ball variety.  Some passes were more catch-able than others.  Let's be fair.  However, it's still 3 more interceptions in the book.

Brandon Jacobs (whom you all know I've made my pet reclamation project), fumbled at 12:20 in the 2nd quarter.  I thought, "Damn!" and felt bad "for" him.  The Cowboys picked up another 3 points as a result. 

Ahmad Bradshaw also fumbled...(again) and late in the game.  You can't fumble footballs in the 4th quarter son.

Eli threw his third interception late in the fourth quarter causing me to scream obscenities at the TV in a hope Coach Gilbride would hear me. Why was he still flinging the ball (my main problem with Gilbride) all over the place?  Result; more points the other way which leads me ultimately to this team's inability to hammer the nail in the coffin and bury the 'Boys earlier in the fourth quarter for good.

Why didn't that happen?  There were too many turnovers; five! ...And a Kick-Off returned for a touch down to boot?  This is the second game that comes to mind which we have won despite a multitude of turnovers.

Did I mention the Special Teams allowing a Touch Down on Kick-Off Return?  Consider it mentioned then.  The Special Teams?  Let's use them and transition this post into a more positive essay.  The Special Teams recovered two On-Side Kick attempts.  That should be duly noted.

And now....,

The Really Good Stuff:

Eli, after the initial 0-4 and two INT's, went on a tear completing 21 passes in 25 attempts with 4 touchdown passes to three different receivers.  He picked apart the Cowboys' secondary like a vulture immersed in Sunday Brunch.  On the whole,  the 'Boys were horrifically bad last night, but Eli was making them look equally foolish.

Hakeem Nicks had two more touchdowns and Manningham and Smith had one apiece.  The fact we had two receivers gain over 100 yards each is astonishing to me; a Bill Parcells indoctrinated mule.  Of course I say that in jest; the astonishing part, not the part about being a B.P. mule.

A HEALTHY Offensive Line is reunited and it showed!  The holes they are creating, Ahmad Bradshaw is exploiting to the fullest.  He is the NFL's leading rusher.  And as the Offensive Line has come together, so has Brandon Jacobs' effectiveness increased in like fashion.

My dogged support of Jacobs is merely an effort to get him uncorked again.  His game is "there"; Coach Gilbride just needs to get him a handful more carries than he's been receiving.  It's not too much to ask.  I believe Brandon Jacobs can again chip the paint off helmets of would-be tacklers and trample defenders like Godzilla going through Tokyo.  I do.  But of course I say this as we all gleefully watch Bradshaw run-a-muck!

I spend a lot of time venting my frustrations regarding Coach Gilbride.  Again, last night he was passing the ball late (4:00 left) when the situation dictated otherwise; (see Eli's 3rd pick).  But for the most part I 'd like to say his plan Monday night was rather brilliant.  He is a very good offensive coach; Damn glad to have him!  But he has such an ego.  Did you see his smug little smiles on the sideline at 5:25 mark of the 4th quarter after Brandon Jacobs scored his TD to make it 38-20?  No wonder why Buddy Ryan punched him in the face ages ago.

Speaking of punching; The Giants' Defense jabbed, threw left hooks, upper cuts and straight right hands and Knocked the Cowboys Out-Cold.  They TKO'd Tony Romo early (but sloppily allowed the 'Boys to stay in the game).

Romo left the game with a broken collar bone.  He was the Giants' fifth quarterback TKO this season.  Additionally, they have effectively stopped any one's and every one's running game.

The Cowboys had no answer for the Giants' Defense.  They had no answer for the Giants' Offense either.

The divergent paths where-in these teams are headed can be summarily understood by peering into the eyes of the respective Head Coaches.  Look into the eyes of the Lone Star Boss and I see confusion and chaos looking back.  Look into the eyes of a Coach with Big Blue Focus and you understand his eyes are on the prize.

WEEK 7 Final Score:
New York GIANTS  41
Dallas COWBOYS   35


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