Friday, October 29, 2010

A New Era Dawns in Flushing

The Metropolitan Baseball Club introduced Sandy Alderson to the Met public today, in what is, beyond a doubt, the most important and credible Executive hire the club has made since they asked Frank Cashen to be the team's General Manager in 1980.  The long string of in-house promotions and familiar hires is finally cut.  The stale thought process which evolved over the 20 odd years after Frank Cashen's retirement and the inbred lineage of Executives charged with running the team has come to the end of it's line.  This Front Office will now be affected by a new dynamic; the first new Dynamic since 1980.

Sandy Alderson did not agree to become the General Manager of the New York Mets to get besieged by nepotism.  Sandy Alderson is not the latest Mets Executive up-and-comer groomed through the organization only to tote the company line.  Sandy Alderson will not be a string responsive puppet acting on behalf of "at the time", an increasingly re-active ownership doctrine.

Sandy Alderson is here to implement a standard operating procedure and much needed structure to what's been a floundering Front Office and organizational effort, that for far too long has languished in mediocrity and routinely invited Chaos and Mayhem into the fold.

I say with supreme confidence today, - Welcome to the First Day of the New Era in METropoliS.


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