Sunday, October 17, 2010


Look, I totally get CABLEVISION's position.  And yes, FOX is way out of line, as far as I understand things.  CABLEVISION is agreeable to binding arbitration; FOX is not.  I get all that.

But Cablevision, Please, do not insult my intelligence.

On it's own merit and for Cablevision's part, FOX requiring Gov't Waivers in order to own and operate multiple media enterprises within the same market, is a valid argument with-in the context of Cablevision's issues with FOX.

But I have a problem because the messenger renders it hollow. 

CABLEVISION owns two of my favorite teams; the Knicks and Rangers.  They own the arena I pay to see them play in.  They own the cable channel I watch my favorite teams on and they own the cable outlet I subscribe to, so as to watch that channel and view two of my favorite teams play.  CABLEVISION/MSG effectively blocked the West Side Stadium Project which would have given the Jets their own home with-in the city.  The Dolans, because I am an emotionally invested fan, wield much power with-in my Fan-Following Experience.  They fall slightly short of a monopoly.  They have a direct impact over a broad scope of my entertainment and it's been a negative experience for many years.  So ease up on arrogant corporate behavior.  You guys are one to talk.

So won't you please!?! ~ Stop all the nonsense; Both of you!  Get a deal done so I can watch Giants Football and Playoff Baseball.

This is Ridiculous!


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