Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baseball Articles ~ Beyond the Playoffs

Latino Baseball Hall of Fame:
I originally came across this article through VinSculleyIsMyHomeboy regarding the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame and this year's inductions.  The Latino Baseball Hall of Fame is located in the Dominican Republic.  The original article from is a concise concatenate of Latino Baseball Heroes and speaks to the inspiration behind the creation of their Hall of Fame.  I sincerely hope to visit one day.  You can read that great article HERE.

Off the top of my head there are some names I would consider myself for induction into the Latino Hall of Fame that haven't been so already.  They are Ed Figueroa, Mario Soto, Benito Santiago and Vinny Castilla.
This is something I definitely want to delve deeper into.  Look for a posting one day.

And if you remember last winter, I love me some Winter League Baseball.  I'll be covering the games again this season.


Do You Remember Washington Park's WALL?
You can read My Posting HERE about the WALL at 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street in Brooklyn and why it's been a source of anxiety and concern among Brooklyn baseball fans and historians alike.  The good news is, the effort is finally under way to restore, protect and preserve a peice of Brooklyn's old Baseball history.

This article appeared in Tuesday's NY Daily News.

I have been in contact with two persons at Con-Ed about the wall, and they have provided me with a few more names and numbers to contact.  My question moving foward with their project is the issue of Historic Signage placed on or at the wall.  I'll keep you updated about that.

Across the street at the other of the two Washington Park locations, I've been having a semi-ongoing conversation with "admin" of the park (to protect the innocent).  The tid-bits of information I've learned regarding the Board's apathy towards the preservation of Brooklyn's historic Baseball past is disturbing.  However, I was told better sense is around the corner.  They are finally getting around to addressing the proper respect this park should be recieving regarding it's history as former home to the Brooklyn Dodgers.  I speak with respect to the field where the Vintage Games I photographed were played.

The Board's priorities always favored the history involving George Washington and this being a HQ for him during the Battle of Brooklyn and promoting that aspect of the park.  Baseball it was feared would over shadow that.  But there are more friendlies in administration these days and the park's past will be revisited.
Likewise, stay tuned for more developments.

The section of wall in the background
is the section of wall to be preserved

These pictures depict Federal League activities.
the Brooklyn TipTops are in white.


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