Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Barclays Center Construction Site; Nets vs Knicks

Atlantic Avenue at Flatbush Avenue

One day in the near future this site will play host to the newest inner-city rivalry.
I believe in a short span of time once the move is completed, the Brooklyn brand will be one of, if not the hottest brand in the NBA.  I do not say that because I live here.
I say that because I DO live here (No, I didn't repeat myself.  There's a difference.)
I'm not being a "homer".  I just know how this Borough will respond.

The rivalry between the Knicks and the Nets will be brought to levels not scene around here since the days Otis Birdsong, Buck Williams and Chocolate Thunder played for the Nets and Bernard King for the Knicks.  Admittedly, the rivalry never has been as heated or adversarial as say, the NY Rangers and the NY Islanders was, or like the contentious relationship Met Fans and Yankee fans maintain living amongst each other.  This rivalry has for the most part bordered on the mild side.  All that will change; I assure you.

Brooklyn will change everything; for the Knicks too.

The Nets and the Knicks face each other tonight in a pre-season match-up at
Madison Square Garden; said to be The World's Most Famous Arena.

When references are made to the Knicks' home court it's usually MSG this, and MSG that.
This is where things start to change.  I have a feeling once the move to the Barclays Center is completed, and the time comes for these teams to square off in the future..., when the match gets played here, the talk will be of Brooklyn; not the arena.

The vernacular changes to, "When the Knicks come to Brooklyn"  or
"the Nets return back home to Brooklyn"....etc etc.  There in lies the rub.
Coming here means talking on the whole Borough of Kings.

Just in case you needed reminding, "Manhattan's Bedroom" has a name. 

(MSG at right;  33rd Street and 8th Avenue)

Change; Thy Name is Brooklyn.

Continuing Construction of the Barclays Center at Atlantic Yards:



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