Thursday, October 07, 2010

ALDS Game 2 ~ Yankees vs. Twins

American League Division Series

October 7, 2010

New York Yankees
Minnesota Twins
Target Field, Minneapolis

Yankees  5
Twins      2

Putting away that hammer and chisel would be a mistake.  The conversation about Andy Pettitte and the Hall of Fame is no longer taking place in the suburbs of Cooperstown.  The talk has now reached town.  That dedication plaque may yet still have to be carved.  Andy refuses fade away.  He continues to make a case for his election into the Hall of Fame one day.  I can't say that I am at that point yet.  But every time he takes the mound he adds a little more to the conversation.  Add another stellar Game Two performance to Andy's resume.  And isn't that what he's always been for the Yankees; the Big Game and Game Two Specialist? 

He pitched the Yankees to victory at Target Field and they leave with a commanding two games to none lead in this first round series.  The series now shifts to the Bronx.  The Twins are faced with a win-out situation.  The Yankees can wrap this series up post-haste, rest and re-set the pitching staff.  Going up by two games assures AJ Burnett will not have to be a factor.  Girardi has made it clear he wants AJ no where near a mound of dirt even if they were having a mud pie making contest.  Andy won the battle of Number Two Starters and they get to stick with Plan-A.

ANDY's Line:  7 innings ~ 5 hits ~ 2 earned runs ~ 1 walk ~ 4 strikeouts ~ 1 home run allowed.  WIN.

The Swan Song of Andy Pettitte continues...

How about that Kerry Wood?!  (That's all he gets).

During the season, if anyone suffered even the slightest anxiety MO might have lost something, you were justified!  Hahaha.  But seriously, if you watched him over the last two games, I don't see where he's lost anything.  He looks as effective right now as I have ever seen him.  What the Red Sox manage to do to MO is ponderous sometimes, but that's the exception.  What we've seen from Mo over the last two nights is the rule.  He notched his 2nd save this series and continues to extend his playoff records.

Curtis Granderson went 3 for 4.
Lance Berkman went 2 for 4 and homered.
Brett Gardner went 2 for 4 (how can you not like this guy!?)

Those three took care of everything for the Bombers tonight as the more higher priced and prominent players in tonight's line-up went 4 for 20 (Yes, yes,  that was me being a little snarky).  Jeter, TEX, ARod, Posada and Cano left tonight's contest in the hands of the other guys to win.  They did.

After last night's game I thought the Twins were in trouble.  Last night represented their best chance of winning with their Ace.  They played their type of game.  It proved to be not enough.  Now with tonight's loss, they're doomed.  I'm afraid the Twins will fail to get by the Yankees...again.

They have themselves a really nice park but if the last two games were an indication, October 7th was the last game in Minneapolis this season.  Last one to leave Target Field, shut the lights.


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