Tuesday, October 05, 2010

2010 New York Aviators Hockey Club (of Brooklyn)

Please enjoy THIS ARTICLE by Candace Whitehead, as she, and not I, introduced the up-coming season (more appropriately).


Federal Hockey League WebSite:

A-Class level or not, still doesn't take away from my joy of having a pro-HOCKEY team in Brooklyn. 

The last couple of years have been an evolution for the sport and the Borough.  Another season can only help in every respect.  But we need to show up folks.  It doesn't have to be every game.  But if you're just kickin' around one night with an itch, it can be scratched very easily and close by.  That's the beauty!  It takes me all of 13 minutes to get there on the Belt P'way.  Parking?  Pfff! 

Fugheddaboudit!  This is Floyd Bennett Field we're talkin' bout here.  I'm not a spokesman for them or anything,  but what I'm telling you is me and my wife of 20+ years head over there from time to time on a date.  Yea, that's right; a date.  These guys aren't playing for a Stanley Cup, but they are playing for US!  And ya get to sit right behind the glass.  Ya actually get to see their faces mushed against the glass on a check and hear an angry goalie's response to an unnecessary ice shower.

A summer night on the Boardwalk, Cyclones baseball, a ride on the Classics and Friday fireworks is pure magic.  trust me; I know.  But Aviators Hockey in my backyard is plain freakin' COOL!

I have only one suggestion for them, if they're listening.  If the joint upstairs served Egg-Creams, THAT would be excellent!

Ya don't have to get bludgeoned by Pro/Arena prices and get home late...(all the time, because who am I kidding ~ I'm a Rangers fan).  But for us locals I'm telling you this is no different than the effort put forth to go to a movie.  And you can't tell me no one leaves their house in the colder months to go to a movie now can you?

If you like Hockey; if you love Brooklyn; if you want the two together; if you want to keep what could be a little gem in our neighborhood; if you want them to grow, become strong and stable ~

We have to go to a couple of games.  I don't say that for them, per se..  I say that for me.  I like the games.  I think it's great we have a team here.  I'd like to keep them.  But ultimately, it's all about you and me, the fans, the ones who foot the bill for everything Sport.

They/IT fits right in.  It's nearby, not taking anymore time to get to than anywhere else around here.  It doesn't cost anymore than what two or three people will spend sitting anywhere else around here for 2 hours.

I'm telling you, you won't be sorry.  Don't go there thinking MSG.  Go there thinking Brooklyn and you'll go home thinking about when you'd like to return.

The FHL season starts October 28th.  For us, our season kicks off on the 29th.

See you when they drop the puck!


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