Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 ALCS Game 3, TEX vs NYY, Post Game Thought

The South will Rise again?  Well..., it did tonight Scarlett!

"General" Lee, the Arkansas Hired Hand, came north with his Company of Texas Rangers and laid siege to the encampment at River Avenue and 161st Street in the Bronx; the heart of Yankee Country.

122 pitches ~ 82 strikes
8 innings pitched
2 hits
0 runs allowed
1 walk
13 strikeouts
Winning Pitcher

Everything, everyone in the media hyped about the Yankees not being able to beat Cliff Lee heading into Game 3 was..uh..., correct.  Cliff Lee confirmed all of it tonight quite convincingly.  The home field advantage is back in the hands of Texas and Cliff Lee would be the Game 7 starter should this series go that far.

Andy Pettitte gets an honorable mention because outside of the first inning when he gave up a two run HR to Hamilton, he kept the Yanks right there with his effort.  But the line-up could muster nothing tonight. 

With tonight's 8-0 loss against the Texas Rangers, the Yankees now officially have more problems than a math book trying to set-up their starting pitching for the rest of this series.  Do the Yankees still go with AJ Burnett in Game 4?  Do you bring back CC and Hughes on short rest?  CC has not looked good in his last pair of starts.  Hughes got bombed his last time out.  You realize AJ would be in line for a potential Game 7 if he starts game 4, don't you?  Can anyone say...Kevin Brown?  Do you really want to run the risk AJ has another brain cramp on the mound and puts your team down three games to one? 

Throw in the reality Posada is probably playing the worst defensive baseball of his career right now and what you have here folks is a "Battery" leaking acid.

Clearly...Advantage Rangers.

Advantage ~ TEXAS Rangers
two games to one.

More Later.



  1. Cliff Lee as an absolute stud.

    Neftali Feliz is pretty damn good too.

  2. Lee is insane! And now with all the changes in Texas, don't be so sure the Rangers won't try and sign him this winter. The Rangers just signed an $80 mill per year TV deal for 20 years.
    They might be players to keep him. Feliz is a young gun too. He has sweet stuff too.


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