Sunday, September 12, 2010

WEEK ONE ~ NY GIANTS vs. Carolina Panthers



@ "Giants Stadium"
1 pm

As of Friday's DN-line the Giants were giving 6 1/2 points.
I like the G-Men to win but I think the Panthers cover.
I'm putting a bagel on the Panthers getting 61/2.

WEEK ONE ~ Bagel a Game:

Panthers +6 1/2 (NYG)  NYG 31-18 LOSS
Dolphins -3 (Bills)  MIA 15-10 WIN
Steelers +2 (Falcons)  PITT 15-9 WIN
Bears -7 (Lions)  CHI 19-14 LOSS
Patriots -4 (Bengals)  N.E. 38-24 WIN
Browns +3 ((Buccaneers)  T.B. 17-14 LOSS
Broncos +2 1/2 (Jaguars)  JAX 24-17 LOSS
Colts -2 1/2 (Texans)  HOU 34-24 LOSS
Titans -6 1/2 (Raiders)  TENN 38-13 WIN
Packers -3 (Eagles)  G.B. 27-20 WIN
49ers -3 (Seahawks)  SEA 31-6 LOSS
Cardinals -4 (Rams)  ARZ 17-13 push/LOSS
Cowboys -3 1/2 (Redskins) *Night

Down 2 bagels on the day with DAL/WASH tonight.

Lock of the Week: 
Dolphins -3  ~  three bagels ~ WIN
I'm up 3 bagels here.

Three Team Pleeez:
Cardinals -4  LOSS
Colts -2 1/2  LOSS
Packers -3  WIN
0-1 on the Pleeez

  I have 17 bagels on the line.
After Week One I'm positive 1 Bagel.


This is a rematch of a game I care to forget. 
The Panthers beat us silly in the playoffs last year ending
our Big Blue Season.

For the most part I am content with the State of the Giants.

My concerns lie with the Offensive Line and our Line Backing Corps.
LineBacker continues to be the soft white under belly of this team.
There was a lot of blame put on the ousted Defensive Coordinator Bill Sheridan for the poor defensive effort last year.  Perry Fewell is the new Def. Coach.  The differences in philosophy between the two Def Coaches will be noticeable right away, in my opinion.  Fewell will be more intense in his blitz packaging and he will be inclined to take more chances than the "read-and-react" system Sheridan implemented.  Last year the defense was decimated by injury so a returning healthy cast is welcome.  Safety Kenny Phillips is yet to be proven on the NFL level.  Injury has delayed his real introduction into the NFL till now.  Jerry Reese prioritized the defense in the last draft, but strangely only selected one linebacker.  But Jean Paul Pierre is a big speedy specimen to work with.  On the outside it looks like a pick well selected.  Reese did address linebacker through free agency, but that will remain to be seen how effective a former TENN Titan coming off injury will pan out.  I'll get to all my issues regarding this team in the following days.

Right's 10 minutes to Game Time.

I thought I would get to my team preview earlier in the month, but it didn't work out that way.  I plan on discussing the positives and negatives relating to my team; the one they call

GIANTS    31
Panthers   18

Eli Manning ~ 263 yards passing; 3 TD; 3 INT
Hakeem Nicks ~ 3 TD receptions
Ahmad Bradshaw 20 rushes/76 yards; 1 TD

BTB Game Balls:
Terrell Thomas and Kenny Phillips


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