Sunday, September 26, 2010

WEEK 3 ~ Everyone is in a Rush

To my dismay, I find myself in my car because my wife has me at the mall for the forth time in five weeks. Ponderous! I've been stupid busy at work and YouTube decided to take 5 hours uploading my videos from the Vintage Baseball Games I attended yesterday.  End result, I'm rushing to roll out the bagels now.

So! ~ Without further delay, from my car in the parking lot at the Staten Island Mall, my WEEK 3 Basket-O-Bagels.

Note ~ (Excuse) Because I am rushing at the moment; 12:03pm...I am unable to implement a plan I think with help me bounce back from two weeks of some pretty bad roll outs.  My bagels were more like...flagels. (?)   I'm going to hasten things with a pic of today's New York Post Game Chart (above):

Bite these Bagels;

GIANTS -3  ~  LOSS 29-10 TENN
DOLPHINS -2 1/2  ~ 
PATRIOTS -14 1/2  ~  LOSS 38-30 N.E.
Browns +11  ~  WIN 24-17 BAL
Steelers -3  ~  WIN 38-13 PITT
Falcons +3 1/2  ~  WIN 27-24 ATL
49ers -2 1/2  ~  LOSS 31-10 K.C.
VIKINGS -11 1/2  ~  WIN 24-10 MIN
Cowboys +3  ~  WIN 27-13 DAL
RAMS +4  ~  WIN 30-16 St.L
Eagles -3  ~  WIN 28-3 PHI
BRONCOS +5 1/2  ~  LOSS 27-13 IND
SEAHAWKS +5  ~  WIN 27-20 SEA
CARDINALS -4 1/2  ~  LOSS 24-23 ARZ

Record foor WEEK 3:  8 wins  ~  6 loss    waiting on Jets/Dolphins

Big Blue Thoughts:  With regards to Brandon Jacobs, nothing changes.  He needs to earn his keep around here.  But my mind is really on the defense this game.  Last week Perry Fewell implemented a plan that featured one linebacker and six d-backs; three safties and three corners.  Peyton recognized it too easily and changed-up on Big Blue and audibled to run plays right up the Giants' gut.

I do think the Giants can stop the Titan's running game, namely Chris Johnson.  But Perry Fewell needs to be a little more crafty in his scheme.  Last week was all too easy to figure out.  Some deception would be nice this week.  Create some D-packages that incorporate our soft white belly (linebackers) a little more cleverly.  Ya have to keep offenses a little more honest than we did last week against the Colts.  But I get it...that was Peyton and the Colts.  So now I'd imagine the Giants will force Vince Young to beat them.  Let's see how they manage that.

Overall I'm just expecting a close game, but for the Giants to come out on top.  The question I need answered this game is ~ What should we be expecting from this Offensive Line moving forward?  This game should get this conversation headed in one direction or another.

Preparing for Take-off: Jets ~ No comment!
Well, maybe just one.  I think Miami matches if not exceeds the Jets' physicality and beats them in a close, hard fought game.  How does 17-13 Miami sit with you?  Off the field things haven't exactly been going the Jets' way, and eventually those kind of things translate onto the field.  Things may not turn ugly for the Jets in this game but things ARE turning ugly.  Why not this game to get things colored in a shade of chaos.

OK..she's back and I can leave. Heading back to BTB Station.
If I were you take my picks...and go the other way.

Unbelievable! ~ or ~ Believable!

Tennessee  29
GIANTS    10

Let's try...


Coach Coughlin will not be happy this week!
The G-Men better start wrapping their minds around a very ugly week to come. 
Coughlin is going to be grumpy as all hell and it's time these players start backing up their coach.

I've been hearing the grumblings about how Coach Coughlin is losing his grip on this team. 
I say these players need to get THEIR ACT together.

I usually have my moments with Dr. Jekyll~Coach Gilbride, 
but these players need to get THEIR ACT together.
Eli?  You tried throwing a pass with the wrong hand?  Really?

Perry Fewell's Defense has been admittedly "Low-Grade Leaded" if not predictable so far, and clearly in need of inspiration, but these players need to get THEIR ACT together.

Me and the Maras?  We're Good.
Me and Jerry Reese?  We're Good.
Me and Coach Coughlin? 
Before it's proven he has lost his grip on this team, I want to believe we have a bunch of under performing players on this roster first.

There's many things to discuss about Bad Big Blue.
They just turned next week's game into a must win situation; take it with a grain of salt,
will ya...?

Sunday Night Game

MIAMI Dolphins     23


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