Thursday, September 09, 2010

"Oh Doctor!! Mercy!" ~ Cyclones Game 2

Listening on my radio, as is my custom at most Cyclones games, I heard these words announced by the guy occupying The CatBird Seat, "Oh Doctor!!..  Mercy"!

Those were Warner Fussell's words over the Brooklyn Cyclones' radio broadcast describing the bottom of the 8th inning as Darrell Ceciliani scored from third on an infield single by JB Browne.  The run tied the game at 7 apiece.

The Cyclones were ahead in this game on the heels of a four run 5th inning and after 7 innings they were leading 6-3.  The Jamestown Jammers had a 4 run 8th inning of their own and went ahead 7-6.  The Cyclones then tied the game in the bottom of the 8th inning happily announced by the words of Warner Fussell above.

Into the 9th inning they went.  Jamestown quickly struck with a run in the top of the inning taking an 8-7 lead.  With the Cyclones down to their last three outs of this game and maybe their season Justin Schafer grounded out to third base.  Joe Bonfe then singled.  It was his third hit of the night and 7th in two games this series.  Third up in the bottom of the 9th was Will Cherry.  He promptly singled up the middle and because of a misplay by the center fielder the Cyclones had runners positioned at third base and first with one out.

Juan Centeno tied the game with an RBI sacrifice fly.  Will Cherry then stole second base.  The Cyclones had a runner on second base with two outs when Schroeder grounded out to end the frame.

Extra innings lay ahead for the Brooklyn faithful in attendance this night.

There was no score in the 10th inning.

The 11th inning came and went without a score change.

The Cyclones held in the top of the 12th inning. 

Leading off the bottom half, Juan Centeno rocked a double straight away and over the centerfielder's head.  Schafer sacrificed Centeno successfully to third.  With one out and the runner on third.... Jamestown pitcher Josh Hodges unleashed A WILD PITCH??!!!

And the Cyclones Win!!   And Warner Fussell called on the Doctor again!!!.... On a wild pitch the Cyclones win.  They Win!!  There will be Baseball in Brooklyn tomorrow in a game which decides who will play for an NYPL Championship.  See a picture of the winning slide home..HERE.

September is closing time for this stretch of beach.  The landmark roller coaster and Wonder Wheel, the rest of Dino's and Luna Park off the boardwalk were silent and dark tonight.  When most things are shut down and packed up as the Summer season ends, there is still one place that is very much alive with vibrant activity by the sea shore..  Only Nathan's Famous and MCU Park provide the glow emanating over Coney Island this time of year.  Where once Nathan's stood alone, like a Sentinel on Surf Avenue as Summer transitioned over to Autumn, they now enjoy some company and are no longer charged with turning out the lights as the last ones out.

This year the Brooklyn Cyclones will decide when to flick the switch and turn the lights out on Summer and finally put Coney Island to rest until the next beach season rolls around.  For now,  there is still more thrills to be had for at least one more night.

Let's Go Cyclones!!!

New York Penn League Playoffs
Round One ~ Game 2

Jamestown 8
Brooklyn   9


Surf Avenue at 6:00pm

Statue: Tribute to Jackie Robinson with Pee Wee Reese

Pre-game warm-ups.

Jamestown Jammers  Introductions

Brooklyn Cyclones Introductions ~ No.6 Wally Backman, Manager


Meeting of the Minds at Home Plate

Leading off for the Brooklyn Cyclones, Center Fielder, #10 ~ Darrell Ceciliani

JB Browne; left  ~  Jeff Flagg; right

Cory Vaughn

Joe Bonfe; left  ~  Will Cherry; right

Night falls on Coney Island.

Good night from MCU Park.  I'm going home happy tonight!



  1. Really glad that the Cyclones got the win and your season continues. Seeing the great pics of the ballpark makes me want to visit more and more. The Whitecaps dropped their opener last night, now have to win two on the road to stay alive!

  2. Great pics. That really is a nice stadium.


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