Saturday, September 11, 2010


New York Penn League


Brooklyn Cyclones
Tri City Valley Cats
Troy, New York

Cyclones         2
Valley Cats    5

(Cory Vaughn BKN, 2 run Home Run)


Tri City (Houston) leads series 1-0
Game 2 in Coney Island tomorrow
Sept. 12, 2010 ~ 5 pm


September 12, 2010  ~  11:05 am

It's raining in Brooklyn at the moment.  The Cyclones are down one game to the Tri City Valley Cats in the best 2 out of 3 NYPL Championship Series. 

My spirits are not dampened the slightest bit.  The Cyclones found themselves in this same position during the first round when they lost the first game on the road to Jamestown.  They then came back to their home by the seashore and won the next two games clinching this well earned opportunity to play for the League Title.

Our Lil' Bumz are a resilient bunch.  Backman's Boyz looked very comfortable when they came back home after dropping that first round game.  They were leading, fell behind, tied the score and eventually won an extra inning nail~biter in game two, and held on enduring a fiercely attempted comeback Thursday night by those Jammers in game 3.  So, has this team been tested?  You bet!

Brooklyn; This is your team in your home town; in YOUR backyard!
Get out to MCU Park today and remind the entire landscape of Baseball,
This Game became great in BROOKLYN!  Let's show everyone why!

Brooklynites Unite!
I call on "the Egg Cream Society" to make your love of Brooklyn and Baseball known today; this afternoon, in Coney Island, at MCU Park ~ in the Back Yard of the World!

Game time is 5 pm. 
I WILL be there rain or shine!

Find me, Tweet me, yell my name, bring a sign ~ just make sure you're out there cheering the Coney Island Nine to victory this afternoon.  If we band together we can make Tri City's stay here as bone jarring an experience as is the ride in the last car of our beloved Roller Coaster; but we'll leave out the fun and thrill factor today and just dish out the pain.

C'mon Brooklyn!  We have a reputation to uphold.
The books may say Baseball evolved from a Knickerbocker team in Manhattan who played in Hoboken.  Yea, good for them.

Brooklyn is Baseball's crib.  This is where Baseball learned to walk and talk.  This is where Baseball grew to adolescence.  This is where Baseball launched itself into the heart of a Nation from.  Right here!

If you want to talk Class-A and small potatoes you're gonna have a "2.5 million person" problem on your hands.  You better bring some burgers also if you're going to talk that nonsense on Surf Avenue because you're gonna get grilled for such rhetoric.

Like "they" say,
"the Cyclones ARE Brooklyn"

Get out and Root Root Root for the home team!

Be Brooklyn!


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