Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Coney Island Nine Get Rained Out

"Game Called"

Mother Nature had her way today and so the Brooklyn Cyclones will have to wait till tomorrow evening for an opportunity to tie the best of three series which determines the New York Penn League Championship.

MCU's main level buzzed with idle chat as the Egg Cream Society* waited under cover in a steady mist.  Some of the patient faithful used the rain delay to grab a bite or to just cajole with friends.  Meandering around I got to thinking of years past and summers by the seaside.  I got to thinking about past characters in the Club's employ who with time are fading into something of a lure.  Ten years of existence may not seem like a long enough time to create a legend or a frame of reference like "the-good-ol-days" is it?

I say yes.  When I'm taking in a game here, I am in a different place. I am.  There's something magical for me and this setting on the seaside.

There was the first; an incredible first season for the Baby Bums and us.  We flocked to the park like "bugs" to the light; by the thousands.  And I was proud of that.  We still blow away the attendance records.  But in 2001 there was a Brett Kaye home run that provided insurance for the Cyclones as they beat our Verrazano Bridge rival and neighbors, in the playoffs on our way to a Championship; that rival being the Staten Island Yankees.  That moment, was, dare I over-use the word, magical. 

There were characters like Party Marty the original on-field MC; since gone under dubious circumstances..(or so I heard).  We can't forget when Sandy the Seagull came down from the nest high a top the Coney Island landmark Parachute Jump.  Pee Wee came later remember?  Pee Wee...?  Yea, I have a secret crush on Pee Wee.  Shhh.

There were others like the Band in the Sand.  I liked them.  I thought they were one of the better ideas roaming around the park.  They got discontinued though.  In the stands, Monkey Lady and Party Paddy were always in attendance.  They were always crowd favorites.  Oh yea!  This wouldn't be complete if we didn't mention Nicky Cowbell.  That would be a tremendous disservice indeed.  His Cowbell keeps the fans in cadence.  Today we have the Juggling Vendor.  That kid is good!  He's a vendor, he juggles and rides a unicycle..., sometimes all at the same time.

Through the years there have been very good teams and playoff contenders for BKN.  Players and playoff memories have also carved themselves little places in our hearts that remain today.  Angel Pagan is one of them for me personally.  He was a 2001 Cyclone standout. 

But the beach, the breeze, fireworks nights, strolling the Boardwalk, the attractions of Coney Island and our Roller Coaster..., Nathan's...all make for something like a retro"Grease" movie for my wife and me..  I find it that special.  And so...I think there are some things about my experience here with this team that CAN be described as nostalgic, and becoming part of the Coney Island Nine's lure. Yea!  Sure.

I also took the opportunity to give you another tour of the place.
Enjoy the pics folks, from Misty MCU Park.

Surf Avenue and West 17 Street

Looking down Surf Avenue towards Stillwell Avenue.

Cyclones' ticket office on Surf Avenue.

Main Gate and stairs to Main Level.

The On-Deck Circle

check out the vid to get a 360 degree view of MCU Park, Brooklyn.

Backman's Boyz find shelter in the dugout.

James Schroeder, left ~ Juan Centeno, right

Center field 412 feet.  Atlantic Ocean beyond the wall.

left field view ~ right field view

Coney Island Playground beyond the LF wall.
The Astroland Tower,
The Cyclone Roller Coaster and Wonder Wheel
rise from the Seaside like Titans.

Crowd Favorites; the On-Field MC and The King;
Two more members of Team Cyclones.

Suite Levels and Retired Numbers

Brooklyn Dodgers Retired By the Cyclones

Cyclones commemorate Brooklyn's 1955 Championship
right under Warner Fusselle's CATBIRD SEAT.

When the game was finally called,
it was time to go and the last of us emptied out.

Hey Mister, you dropped something!

The dugout emptied as there was no ball to be played today.

And time for me to go home too.

Game Two
New York Penn League Championship
Coney Island, Brooklyn
7 pm



  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Hey Mike. Loved this bit about the Cyclones. I was merry to learn that Baseball had returned in team form to Brooklyn. Granted, they're not the Dodgers, but that was last century. Time to turn the page.

    I was unable to see your Blogger site before. I like how you discuss the entire spectrum here. I intend to tune in more as well as over at Metrospection.

    Saw your comment on my Blogger. I think the Hockey and Baseball topics will fill gaps and compliment each other. I don't really o in for the NFL anymore ... totally lost interest. So for you, who is it in the NHL. I'm predicting you like the Islanders. I suppose if I'm wrong, I'll hear about it. I'm a Devils guy myself but I like Tavares, Okposo, and the Isles enough to know who they are. I've little use for the Rangers. Hopefully those aren't fighting words.

    Later, chief.

    The Smiler

  2. Well....Yes I'm a Rangers fan. I actually like the Devils. My son kills me for it. The Islanders are my mortal enemies as is the rest of our forsaken division! LOL
    Good to hear from you. The Cyclones are a big deal to us around here. On an average summer night we have about 8,000 fans on hand. If they build a second deck, we'd fill that too.
    Speak to you soon.


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