Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Brooklyn Cyclones Facing Elimination

Jamestown and the rain proved to be just a little too much for the Cyclones to handle last night.  They dropped the opening game to the Jammers in the NYPL first round match-up that was interrupted by a lengthy rain delay.

The offense hit to their standards cranking out 13 hits.  The 6 runs they scored however fell short by a run by the time they recorded their 27th out.  Jamestown bested the Cyclones 7-6 and now lead the first round series 1 game to none.

If the Brooklyn Cyclones have any aspirations qualifying for the Championship Round they have to sweep the Jamestown Jammers over the next two games.  For the team which dominated the NYPL season since June, this is not a situation the team nor their fans envisioned finding themselves; facing an early elimination.

Last night 601 fans showed up to see the Jammers gain victory in their home park.  Tonight I'm expecting 8,500 Brooklynites to pack our house and make MCU Park a very inhospitable place for Jamestown to concentrate on their own task at hand.  I'm expecting nothing less than the usual fanatical, loud, boisterous buzz we Brooklynites create for our Cyclones by the Seashore.  I'm expecting nothing short than meeting or exceeding our reputation for maintaining the most electric atmosphere in Minor League Baseball today.  We're home in Coney Island tonight for Game 2 and possibly a third game this series.  This is the time for us Brooklynites to step it up, cram MCU Park to the gills and implore our team to victory; two times.

Don't let our Baby Bumz down!  MCU Park, Coney Island, Brooklyn; Be there!  I will.

They're going to come through for us.  That's the way it's gotta be.  We just need to make sure we do our part.  We need to ensure the Borough of Kings remains a very uniquely rabid Baseball town which does not take very kindly to opposing teams dancing on our grass.  That grass grows on hallowed ground; old Steeplechase Park gave people the thrill of their lives here once.  Now-a-days Brooklynites and their Lil' Bumz create different kinds of thrills on this special plot of dirt.  Tonight the Jamestown Jammers should be made to realize this is a members only party and the only ones who should be dancing on Surf Ave tonight...US.

Let's go Cyclones!!



  1. Congrats on the win! It was a crazy ending.

  2. BTW, not sure if you noticed, I posted my Don Newcombe Brooklyn bobblehead.


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