Monday, August 02, 2010

Yankee Pankee ~ DeadLine Duds

This is just an opinion of mine; like eveything else in this blog.

The Yankee's dead-line deals are the same type of deals that make role players and players off the Yankee bench get lost in space.  These moves, prior moves and subsequent moves and many moves are precisely the kind of moves I think got the Yankees eliminated earlier than the Yanks would have liked, from 2002 through 2008.  Most of that blame was placed squarely on Joe Torre's shoulders.  He received most of the heat for that.  He may have had his fair share of blame.  But the lack of scrappy, gritty role players and hungry prepared players off the bench was something those teams lacked.

There is a place on championship teams for the Chicken Stanley, Brian Doyle,
Buddy Biancalana, Al Wiess, Mark Lemke, Juis Sojo and Jose Vizciano's   etc etc  in life,
and on World Series winners.

I know it sounds weak coming off last year's WS victory.  So what?
It's an opinion I have always maintained.

Oh by the way....A.J. Burnett was horrible again tonight.
and no home run number
for the player formally known as Alex Rodriguez tonight either.

Problem is still the fact no one really cares and the Media is loosing their interest also.
Guess Michael Kay will be screaming to himself when it does happen.

If you want to know what that call will sound like on the radio broadcast, tune in because on any given pop-up or shallow fly, John Sterling is liable to go High and Far in yet another figment of his imagination.


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