Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Stop the Insanity

A public service message by....Me.


You can't qualify everything.  Baseball is predicated on failure.  The law of averages rule the day.  It might be fun enough to try and predict something such as...oh, I dunno...a 600th Home Run by someone formerly known as Alex Rodriguez.  You can't predict when someone is going to get 3 hits during 10 at-bats. 

That's why the great moments are special and remain rare until they actually happen.

My ears aren't pointing up and my tail is kinda level right now.  It's awfully weird defending Alex right now.  Trust me.  He may be pressing.  He is being called a distraction, but only by the Media because they have nothing else to speak/write about, and....well, he hasn't hit #600 yet.

A very short time ago no one outside Yankee-Ville really cared about his count down towards 600.  Now it's all the talk because he hasn't gotten it done in what seems to be an eternity that has, to be fair, surpassed 45+ at-bats now (or something like that).

It irks me to hear someone who can't hit an MLB fastball,  ponder why an MLB player can not hit an MLB fastball when he's called upon to do so; as if the laws of statistics demand you to get a hit at that very moment.  C'mon!!  We all know baseball doesn't work that way.  Baseball giveth; Baseball taketh away.

He'll hit it when he hits it.  That's Baseball!  Baseball is not on Demand.  That's only good for HBO and shitte like that.

If a player gets 33 hits in 100 times at-bat he's doing something pretty spectacular by baseball standards.  Who the hell can say for certain when a player should get those hits?  Before you pull out your codex of Probability, think about keeping it in your pocket unless you care to take it home in a different part of your person.  I'm not interested in any excuse why he hasn't done it.

When Baseball decides to grant him number 600, we'll be the first to know.  I'm sure.  So just chill everyone.

Bewildered as I am for doing this,  leave ARod alone on this one.  It's not his fault he's part of something made for Earl Weaver who lived on starting pitching and the three run home run.  If the Yankees aren't hitting home runs, they struggle.  That's how they do.  That is nothing new, so stop trying to pin the phenomenon on ARod.  Blame it on the planned structure and brain child of Brian Cashman.  Don't mistake this for criticism.  The Yankee bench has always taken a back seat to the long ball.  That's what they do.  But it's that very trait, cheating the bench of competence, capable ability and scrappiness, that cause unfortunately early playoff eliminations (that get blamed on Joe Torre) in otherwise very successful seasons.

As a team...that's a hell of an expensive batting slump they got going.  We all know when they bust out it's overwhelming though.

Those Rays don't want to go away do they.?



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