Monday, August 02, 2010

S.S. Trolley is Setting Sail

Bonn Voyage'!!!  <------(?)

I am a man of my word.  The trade deadline came and went.  I said if the Mets chose to remain inactive (which was a good idea in my grand scheme of things) during the trading deadline, the next day should be the first day to start calling up kids and shaking things up.

That day (trade deadline) came and went. The Mets smartly did nothing; smartly did nothing stupid that is.

I'm not going off on subjects I've been going off on since the winter.  But recently I let my sentiments about the Flushing developments be known.

On a full time basis I want Josh Thole at catcher.  I want Fernando Martinez in right field.  I'd like Ruben Tejada, Jon Malo, Reese Havens or Wilmer Flores at second base.  It's time to call up pitchers Dillon Gee or Dylan Owen, or both.  Lucas Duda has been having a fine season down below and maybe deserves a look during the September Call-Ups in the outfield also.  Henrry Mejia should be all stretched out by then and I'm interested to see what strides he's made.  And I'm always looking for steady improvement out of Bobby Parnell.

Carlos Beltran; Luis Castillo; Rod Barrajas; Jeff Francoeur; Oliver al -  Can you feel the breeze?
Yep...that ship has sailed, mates.

Jerry Manuel may have the rest of the season.  I'd make him no promises about next year.

This however is my one major thought of the day:

You can't fire the owners and I need Jeff Wilpon out of Omar's ear and out of his way so he can get this mess straightened out and the rebuilding transitioned effectively.  Jeff and Fred Wilpon are clearly giving this team it's directive but for many of the wrong reasons.  That's because they are a reactive ownership and haven't been forthright with their fan base.

What I need is a good strong, Baseball Qualified, Team President.  I need separation between Omar and Jeff.  A good team President will ensure the owners priorities are met and kept and also ensure the GM has his directives free of interference and yet authority to act in the best interest of the club.

My ship has sailed.  The day is upon us Met Fans.  2011 and 2012 start NOW!  Or at least they should.

There is way too much talk that the Met season rests with this road trip they started in Atlanta tonight.  They just got the b'jeezers knocked out of them by the D-Backs at home where they are supposed to be playing well.

This road trip?  C'mon!  When are we just going to face reality instead of disingenuously drawing Momar Kadafy-like lines in the sand.  Do we really need to wait to see how this road trip will play out?  Do we?  Really?  That's been part of our problems as Met Fans and as an organization.  We are too quick to hold on to something that doesn't exists.  Too many, to include the Wilpons are clinging on to a phantom called the 2006 season.  Let Go Already!!

Tote that barge...lift that bail!!!  I'm setting sail. 

Will the S.S. Wilpon continue to take on water?  We'll see.


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