Friday, August 27, 2010

Reyes the Most Important To Mets' Future?


Numbers can be misleading and make one believe false truths sometimes.

In the Mets' more competitive years lately, Delgado, not Reyes made the line-up lethal. 

How we handle Reyes will not determine our future.  The direction of our future rests in the hands of Jeff Wilpon.  He will dictate the course of the S.S. Wilpon.  The formulation of and commitment to a plan is more pressing than Reyes.   In his 8th(?) year maybe it's time to question his value.   Speed doesn't last forever and he's proving to be injury prone.   Better to trade someone too early than too late.   I didn't say that; Branch Rickey did.  

It's all up to Jeff to not blow 2012 for this organization. 2011 should be the final purge of the last era. Corrections need to be made concerning Castillo, Ollie, Frenchy, Beltran and KRod. That's one fifth of your roster no Met fan wants a part of AND the team has no role for them to boot. Commit for the rest of this season and next to the rebuilding process!  Tell Jerry stop trying to win now and commit Jeff..commit to the rebuild and stop fooling yourself.  because you have a manager and a general manager spinning chasing their tails in circles.

JEFF WILPON is the singular most determining factor the the Mets future success. 

The clock is ticking.


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