Thursday, August 12, 2010




That's it. 
That's all it was. 
There was no mushroom cloud rising over Flushing today. 
There was even a sense of blase' among all the talkies and print didn't use any extra space on the story.

To me that screams of this:
Everyone is numb to the Mets.

Jeff Wilpon matter of factly and simply suspended Francisco Rodriguez for two days.

I still haven't seen a clip and am yet to read a transcript of Jeff's comments today.
Now that I'm home I'll sniff around for some of that.

But that's it.  I worked myself up for just another day at the office.
Jeff Wilpon did exactly what needed to be done.  I can not get nit-picky about the fact that Fred Wilpon was not on hand.  But this IS Jeff's team now.  This is clearly evident now.

The Mets defeated the Rockies this afternoon at CITI.
Most of the time the best way to gain separation from a situation, as a team, is to play the next game.  The Mets didn't have to endure the entire day waiting for night fall to play. 
For a day the Schedule Makers did them a favor.

One more game and this matter is mute.
I think.


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