Friday, August 13, 2010

Phillies Finding Dickey...Icky

Here's a quick little statement of recognition.  Regardless of what happens the rest of tonight's game between the Mets and the Phils, I just want to say R.A. Dickey has pitched 5 hit-less and scoreless innings.

This guy has been incredible since he got called up from Triple A. 

He is out there for a 6th inning of work.  But like I said, I am already thrilled with his effort.  OK I'll give Omar credit for signing him this winter.  But the same way we are all calling for player accountability, he has stood tall and accountable.  He's shown toughness and even spirited defiance towards Manuel, but in a positive spirited way.

R.A. Dickey ~ an unsung hero of a sub-.500 season.  Sorry dude.  It's hard to get full props when the team is playing like this.  But I noticed.  And I was the guy over the winter making fun of the signing and you.

He's has 6 innings under his belt now surrendering one hit.
7 innings complete; 7 strikeouts; still one hit.
8 innings in the books and still only one hit given up.

One out in the 9th ~ hard liner to short.
Two outs in the 9th ~ ground ball to 1st base.

The Knuckleball danced like it was back in Studio 54 tonight.

Three outs and the Game ~ soft fly to right.

R.A. Dickey pitched a complete game tonight while surrendering only one hit.  He struck out 7 batters and walked none.  R.A. Dickey is now with 8 wins with 5 against.

R.A. Dickey received the pie in the face treatment courtesy Angel Pagan and the Mets perhaps saved a small part of their face tonight with a victory.  You know what they say; winning cures everything.

R.A. Dickey pitched a one-hit, complete game shut-out versus the Philadelphia Phillies who are minus Ryan Howard.  Dickey no-hit the regulars.  Cole Hamels had the only hit for Philadelphia; the pitcher.

It's the Mets 35th no-hitter in their history.  The Mets still do not have a no-hitter to their credit.

His fastball is effective because he controls his knuckle ball so well.  He has wonderful control with his knuckle.  It's amazing how he can throw a Knuckle ball for consistent strikes.  That in itself is amazin' because aerodynamics and lack of spin make it too hard to explain and befuddling to hitter.


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