Friday, August 13, 2010

Not Ready Yet

Me; I'm not ready to go full blown into my fury just yet. I'm waiting. Like a leopard in the tall grass I'm going to be still, observe, and calculate my moment to strike.

I'm enjoying the downfall of Wilponianism.

If you weren't reading doesn't matter. My next question stands on it's own.
Why was Jerry Manuel the first Mets "official" to speak regarding Francisco Rodriguez? And he spoke without having a 100% grasp of the situation and having to wrangle with reporters about it.

Jeff Wilpon issued a prepared statement to the press.

Omar, Jeff, FRED, Ricco et-al...? Why haven't one of these gentlemen spoken into a microphone yet? It's all so stange how this organization handles things.

Mr. Met sounds like a blabber mouth compared to the front office.

Two minutes to midnight?
Begin countdown to implosion?
Iceberg Dead Ahead! ?
Let it BURN!! Let it burn down to the ground. Yeah!!!


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