Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nine Days...Yea, We Tried.

Nine days does not a Youth Movement make.

Jeff has a coin.  One side is the fiasco of 1991~1993(wanna include 2003?).  The other side is the second half of 1983, and 1984.  It's up to him. I have a 50% faith factor he will get this right.

This is year 8 After Doubleday.  This is Wilponianism. 

It is up to him just like Sternberg (the B'klynite) instigated the change in Tampa/St.Pete.  Texas recognized with ARod, Colorado with Hampton, and most recently Houston ate cash (without mentioning how much $$ the NYY eat) because they recognized their business needed a correction.

We can't have four players on the roster with no role and whom no one wants.  That's precious roster space if they're committed to a youth movement.  It's unlikely they'll be able to get out of KRod's full contract value. If they do...good, but there still needs to be more.  Ollie or Castillo, please, at least one contract needs to be corrected in every sense of the word.

I'm sure the Mets book keepers leave a trail of hair follicles everywhere they go.  That's why there's so much trepidation.  Stop being a jellyfish Jeff.  He came on like the cavalry during the Bernazard situation and I'll give him props for going to Atlanta earlier this season to "inspect" his club.  That's when this team short after got hot playing well into the all star break. Those guys were not the April guys who stunk up the month. And now that all the Old School is back, so is the angst.  Clearly since "they" all got reassembled we've turned right back into the iceberg.  And this time Jeff was no where to be found in light of the KRod development, when he needed to be available. 

April, pre-break and post break are three episodes of this 2010 show.

Omar's planets aligned for one season when Valentin jacked 22 HR, LoDuca hit .300 and Delgado slugged like Delgado. But to include those three, Omar has juggled the same LF, RF, 2B, 1B, C positions that needed addressing when he got here. Each position has been a revolving door since 2005. Bay, Frenchy and Barajas are just the latest on growing lists; Castillo withstanding (pfff).

I once said this team lacks a strong Baseball minded President because clearly we need separation between Omar and Jeff.

I've been saying since the winter 2010 is the Wilpon's cross road. They are here. What'cha gonna do Jeff?

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