Saturday, August 07, 2010


Based on a 1050ESPN report this morning:

The New York Mets announced Ruben Tejada and Fernando Martinez will be joining the club in Philadelphia this weekend.

It's about time! 

The Mets have not made mention of what roster spots will be affected.  In the same report I heard the Mets are in discussions with the Seattle Mariners about a potential deal.

If we're speculating about names, I can only hope Luis Castillo has been bought out of his contract and will be released.  I can only hope Jeff Francoeur is part of trade discussions with Seattle.  Ollie Perez disappearing from the roster is a long shot.  But I can dream....can't I?

I'm not going to go "there" yet....but if I hear some of the wrong names in a possible trade, I'm going to flip.

I'm happy the Mets are at least concerned and are taking measures to improve (*sigh*) this team, and apparently this season.  But they better not touch the prospects. Not now...not yet.  I'm not saying don't ever.  I'm just saying August 7th is no time to start thinking about things that should already have been addressed.  That should have been done already or panic should wait till the winter at this point.

Let's see what kind of news comes down the pipe in Flushing today.


1 p.m. UPDATE: 

The Mets will release ALEX CORA.  No Mets...that wasn't the move to make. 

There is a role for Alex Cora on this team.  You think Jerry Manuel made mistakes before?   Pfffff!  Luis Castillo is the money that needs to be swallowed ~ Not Alex's remaining $2 Mill contract.  Cora can handle 4 infield positions very capably.  You just released a lot of bench flexibility and LEADERSHIP.  Remember it was Cora who cautioned a player or two about having such a good time right after a shamefully losing effort.  Remember is was Cora who reminded Manuel to walk Jeter because Mariano Rivera was on deck as the next batter in an Inter-League game.  He may not be re-writing the offensive record books but his glove work is and always has been stellar; he picks it with the best.  Is this move in any way getting us closer or farther from a playoff spot?  No; hardly.  But Luis Castillo is the issue at hand, not Alex Cora.  I'd rather have Cora on my bench if the Mets are going to call up Tejada.  I'd rather have Alex Cora in the head and mind of our kids, helping them along the way.

Now the Mets have Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo doing NOTHING but stealing Fred Wilpon's money because neither of them has a role here anymore.  One of those two needs to have that money swallowed and of the two Castillo is the more feasible.  Word is Tejada is joining the club and the intention is for him to start. 

Castillo is your problem at second base...not Cora!

Jeff!....  You're blowing it Jeff.  What are you doing?  I wanna know.  The roller coaster ride continues folks.


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