Monday, August 09, 2010

Milk and Two Sugars: Knicks here I am having my morning cup.

A day after learning how things went down over at MSG between Zeke, Donnie and Dolan, I am stupefied and with incredible disbelief Zeke is back in the fold with an alarmingly prominent position being dangled his way..

Here's the two sugars folks. Realistically there is only two things we as fans can do, because you can't fire the owner's son.

ONE ~ Don't go to games. Stop giving Dolan your money.  I know the chances of ever pulling that off are zero and none.

AND/OR TWO ~ Write a letter to the Board of Directors at MSG expressing a Vote of No Confidence with regards to Dolan.  That is something we can do.  Inundate MSG's mail room with letters of discontentment with James Dolan's handling of MSG and the respective teams.

That....or we need to buy up MSG stock shares and conduct our own hostile take-over.  But writing a letter is less expensive and you won't get ripped off on commissions.  But if we don't write those letters be prepared to be ripped off by James Dolan every time you buy a NY Rangers ticket, a Knicks ticket, step inside MSG, watch them on the MSG Channel, or even subscribe to his cable company.

Ya can't fire the owner as much and we like to call radio shows and James Dolan has to go.  It doesn't work like that.  We just can't fire the owner,

But the Board of Directors CAN!!

The Number Two Man on the MSG ladder was apposed to the idea Zeke be named GM of the KNICKS.

Imagine 40,000 letters arriving in some one's office with one central message; James Dolan must not be allowed to continue as M.F.I.C. of Madison Square Garden.

The New York Rangers have as much a stake in this as the Knicks.

I don't know what else to say....EXCEPT..
Thank You Donnie Walsh for not quitting on the spot!  You're a better man than me.  I would have been looking to punch someone in the eye. 

I sincerely apologize for our owner's lack of.....


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