Monday, August 16, 2010

Mike Puma of NY Post ~ On the Mets

"The Mets rookie experiment has left the laboratory on fire and on the verge of exploding," is what Mike Puma of the Post chose to use as his opening line in his column today.

This is in reference to the recent call-ups of Ruben Tejada and Fernando Martinez. Perhaps, as Mike says they were brought in "nine days ago to supposedly energize the Mets, but neither is making his mark."

How would you have liked if after your first nine days writing for the Post I would have blasted you for not inspiring me to not only pay for a Post, but much less read their sports section because you weren't writing something beyond Yawn Inducing.

It's nine days Mike; Nine! Don't misplace focus of the real issues this team faces on a rookie sample 9 days old.

You want to be critical of this club? Fine. I am.

But your little article in today's Post was just a maggot ridden attempt at sensationalism at a couple of Rookie's expense.

If you're in the business, know better to give a kid a break. But at a minimum, just be better than today.

I'm no stranger to your column but today's was terribly unecessary and if you wanted to say something in jest you should have warned everyone of your dry sense of humor first.

You could have saved me five minutes of my life.


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