Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mets and the Morning After

Welcome to my morning cup of coffee.

Pondering how the Mets are going to deal with the KRod situation today....or whenever they get around to it, my biggest question at this moment is ~

Who from the Mets speaks first? Who is going to be the front man speaking on behalf of the Mets in this latest nightmare?

We all know who it should be; Fred himself, that's who.  But who will actually handle this, throughout or even initially?  Omar? Jeff Wilpon? John Ricco (don't even get me started!)?

As NYC starts to wake up, sometime today we should be finding out.


You know this is just an opportunity for every frustrated and disgruntled Met fan to vent every issue they/we ever had with this organization. We all realize that...don't we?..

Today is going to be HOT! ...and I don't mean the temperature either.  What the Mets need at this very moment is a good old fashioned Alex Rodriguez controversy.

By the way ~ It's almost 9:30am and Frankie is still in the clink last report.

And one last thing for now...I am so happy Alex Cora is no longer a Met because I never wished this germ we call the Mets on him.  I never wished this team on him. In his time here he had more respect for his profession than anyone who he was forced to call a team mate.  Good Luck and I expect you to get picked up any day now.


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