Sunday, August 22, 2010

MET Moves

The Mets exposed Rod Barajas to waivers and the Dodgers are now the new owners of the CaliNative Catcher.  Good to see him go home.  He seems happy about it.  I'm elated with the move because the Mets, on the outside at least, are pledging their confidence in JOSH THOLE to be the regular catcher with Henry Blanco serving as back-up for the moment.

Thank you New York Mets for a smart transaction.   And to MY GUY ~ JOSH THOLE...,

Yeah baby!  Go get em....with confidence now.

The Mets called up JESUS FELICIANO from AAA to fill an outfield spot in the absence of Jason Bay.

How do I say this? - You guys are jerking FERNANDO MARTINEZ around!  That outfield spot should be his.  C'mon!  After 18 official and 21 at-bats over all you jerked him like a yo-yo!  Is that how we conduct youth movements?  Do better Omar, and JEFF!  Do better by FMart!  Jesus Feliciano is/was having a tremendous season for the Bisons-AAA.  But he's not the target of my point here.

You alleviated the glut at catcher and improved the situation by subtraction.  But you dropped the ball on FMart by yo-yo'ing him.

Moving forward, second base must receive the same treatment.  Luis Castillo's presence on the roster must be corrected; He must be!  Remove him and eliminate the trepidation to committing second base to a youngster; be it RUBEN TEJADA or other prospects of the near future, Jon Malo and Reese Havens.

Do it because you can't have Oliver Perez, Castillo and Francoeur all not wanting to be here or having no role.

Forget Ruben Tejada's poor showing at the plate.  Forget FMart's poor showing at the plate.  The sample sizes are nothing to work with.  Just commit to the movement JEFF!!! ~ Because Jerry Manuel is managing in the RED ZONE.  He is not a manger with the future in mind.  He is job preservation mode now and the two philosophies are in direct conflict.  Either tell Jerry what's going on now, or remove him for sake of getting the rebuilding done right from the get-go.

I'm not calling for his removal per say.  I'm just saying the team philosophy is in conflict right now and somewhat undetermined.

Ruben Tejada was playing in the Little League World Series in 2003.  See what I mean?


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