Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet The Mets! Day One Arrives

Tonight was sweet; very sweet.  Bare with me while I feed myself some "feel-good". 

The Mets fielded Ike at first; Tejada at second; Reyes was at his usual short as was Wright at third.  Chris Carter started in left; Pagan in center and Fernando Martinez was tasked with right field duties.  On the mound was Mike Pelfrey and behind the dish is where Josh Thole could be found.

Nine home-grown players started for the New York Mets tonight.  I won't be getting into all my previously disturbed rants about how angry I "WAS" (that can change quickly...it all depends on Jeff) with this club and the direction they should have been working towards.

Nine; count em.  Read the box score tomorrow morning.  It really happened.

Ollie Perez and Luis Castillo are still here taking up space on the roster and stealing Wilpon money.  That is at the moment, unavoidable and unfortunate.  We'll deal with that.

The important thing is the direction the Mets are finally headed in.  The question is are they committed to this total youth movement?  Time, the rest of this season and the upcoming winter will go a long way towards answering that.  We shall see.  My hope is they realize this is the right thing to do; rebuild it from the ground up.

And now to you Mr. Jeff Wilpon, with your gesture tonight, I reciprocate with my presentation to you from me....a new leash.  I mean that not in jest.

I will consider this DAY ONE of our collective future.  Omar drafted most of these players we see and will be speaking about within the near future.  At this point he deserves to see them through during their opportunities on the big club.  Jeff apparently spearheaded that meeting back in June in Atlanta to discuss laying the groundwork for a Mets rehabilitation in personnel, attitude, organizational direction and the overall malaise affecting the denizens of Citi Field.

Sure some of the embellishment in this post is just that; embellishment for the sake of making a clear declaration of agreement and sending a respectful message to Jeff Wilpon for committing.....to?  No ~ for just committing to a focused idea instead of reactive, first-aid riddled roster moves.

Tonight's line-up indicates something strictly PRO-ACTIVE...; precisely what I have been begging for.

In turn Jeff....I request Met fans from all parts accessible...let's get out to Citi and Meet the Mets instead of Boo'ing the Mess.

Mets win tonight.  It just went final.  Mike Pelfrey gets the win.  Fernando Martinez made a real nifty play in left field late in the game.  Josh Thole got a big double off Jimenez.  And THAT ~ is a "Happy Re-Cap".


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