Thursday, August 12, 2010


So here I "was" downloading some pics off my Droid.  I did some posting.  I watched the Mets blow a fine effort by Niese tonight.  I'm upset Manny Acosta is wearing Jerry Koosman's number 36.  Then I switched over and watched the Texas Rangers blow a game to the Yankees.

....and out of nowhere my radio starts spitting out reports that Francisco Rodriguez; a.k.a. K-Rod, or if you're Michael Klueless....uh..Kay, just plain ol' KROD has been arrested.

Why?  Geez!

Apparently he was "pist"-off the Mets blew the game tonight and he didn't pitch.  I heard Jerry Manuel's post-game and really don't have issue for not bringing K-Rod into the game in the 8th inning (and not at all).  At first I heard KRod was just being terse with reporters when asked to comment on tonight's game.  He basically told the reporters to beat it; and besides he didn't pitch in the game....and to just leave him alone.

No biggie right?  That's what I thought ~ Just a little post game anger after a "dreadful" loss.  David Wright blew a gasket in the dugout tonight taking frustrations out on the bench with his bat after striking out for the millionth time in his last couple of at-bats ( read that right).  So if anger was permeating the clubhouse and these players...? ~ GOOD!  They should be pist-off concerning their play.

OK...the short version ~ KRod got into an altercation with his father-in-law.  An ambulance was called to the scene for the father-in-law and police were called in for KRod.  The FAN (660AM) stated he may very well have been arrested.  I started hearing the clubhouse stories on 1050AM...but the time I switched over later in the evening....the story had degenerated into arrest.

Once again, METropolis is thrown into CHAOS.

This is all so befuddling, stupefying, mystifying!!!!  I'm not going to bug out right now.  Just let me channel this brewing storm I feel coming on into a temp file......shall we?

Tomorrow, after a good night's sleep and thinking about what I really want to say, rest assured, if you check-in for a tirade on my part, of epic won't be disappointed.  Promise!  This team is going nowhere so I have time to really sink my teeth into this one and this whole debacle we call the Mets.  I may take a day or two.  But...if you've been reading...I've been trying to adjust my attitude along with the adjustment towards the minor prospects we have.  Now this.

KROD is part of our Ol' School and I'm going to do just that....Go Old School on em.  Just when I thought this team couldn't stupefy me any more than they have in my life...they went ahead and stupefied me...Again.

Board up your windows.  I sense a storm coming.


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